Eladrin Shaman


“People think that I am long winded, that I go on and on, but I’m really just trying to be clear so that there is no confusion, I really think most people talk too much about nothing, while I give pointed and detailed comments about the situation at hand, and further more…”


Age: 28; Height: 6"1’; Weight: 217; Size: Medium
Deity: Avandra; Alignment: Good; Vision: low-light

Init: +2; Speed: 6; Max HP: 36
Str: 10; Con: 14; Dex: 12; Int: 13; Wis: 18; Cha: 8
AC:14; Fort: 14; Ref: 12; Will: 17
Saving Throws: +5 against charm effects

Skills: Arcana, Heal, History, Nature, Perception
Passive Insight-14; Passive Perception-20

Feats: Shared Healing Spirit, Sudden Call

Languages: Common, Elven

Equipment: Staff of Eldaron, cloth armor, and adventure’s kit


Cheondra grew up in the Eladrin feywild and has a very mysterious past.


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