Legends of Peresh

Unusual Doors

The adventures face their toughest enemy, the doors

It made a quick slash at Cheondra in his trance by the fire, this was more of a warning than an attack. Then whatever it was ran back into the the forest to the north. Then the Eladrin woman, Lucaste, who they had talked to came through the forest “How dare you, you destroyers, you serpers!” Cheondra sensed an aggressive tone with this woman, then from some deep seeded Eladrin magic he new this creature shared no eladrin blood with him. So he replied in eladrin, “What of it, Birch.” Knowing now these where hamadryad, a tree people. She shed her Eladrin faced and replied “By sunrise you shall be dead.” Cheondra thought this would be a good time to wake up Braxus, Iangold, and Dorn, always the last to get up.

“Braxus, Iangold, Dorn” Cheondra yelled “wake the oak up” still taunting his former interest. Braxus was on his feat before Cheondra uttered the “B” in his name, only monks are this fast Dorn and Iangold thought. “Where are the Taters?” Iangold said as he got up, Cheondra pointed to the three hamadryads standing at the edge of the forest. Dorn didn’t wait to attack he just clenched his weapons and started running it was only by pure luck that he started running and attacking in the right direction.

Dorn was on his way to attack the one called Plum. Iangold took the one called Willow, and Braxus was on Lucaste like bark on a tree. Cheondra drew his longsword, “name”, a gift from Isen of Illenadelle, waiting for whatever it was that sought cover in the bushes to the north and used his totem to call his spirit companion to watch his back. It charged with the force of an avalanche at Cheondra but he was ready for it and laid a dazing blow with his weapon the the beast. Cheondras spirit companion started moving around the animal an attacking with all its might. After Dorns first strike on Plum he was placed in her trance and they moved further away from Cheondra and the others like dancing away. Iangold was able to put in a few more blows before he succumb to the trance of Willow and could not attack her for the life of him. Lucaste had the hardest time getting Braxus to surrender to her charms but was finally successful. When Braxus became so furious that he couldn’t attack under this spell he clapped his hands together and that is when he noticed a very loud “bling” when two diamond bracers clashed together and started glowing. He was more supprised than the hamadryad that had him intangled when they started to glow like a sunrod but not as bright it lit only 25 feet. That’s when he realized that this must have been a gift from the Deve and it wasn’t a dream he had, and that meant that the rest of the party will be able to confirm what he saw last night but first he had to take out this hamadryad but how when he was under this trance? That’s when a bolt from hairtrigger, Dorn’s crossbow, came hurdling toward him and he raised his new bracers to block the bolt but then the bolt ricocheted off the bracers and hit the hamadryad right in the chest.

Dorn was being dragged by Plum the hamadryad he had previously winked to. “I’m not that kind of half-orc!” he said. Then he saw something glowing in the distance and said “Good a glowing one, hairtrigger you’re needed!”

Willow was having difficulty dragging Iangold who for some reason woke up in full armor, it wasn’t the first time. Seeing Braxus light up the night before the dawn he took out a javalin and started throwing them at the hamadryad and the beast that was attacking Cheondra. Cheondra wasn’t woried about his party members he know that they could handle some wooden girls, especially Iangold. He used everything he had on this beast but it wouldn’t go down. Then he used his spirit companion to distract it while he rolled like a monk underneath animals trote and cut it open with all his might. Braxus was looking on this as he deflected another bolt from hairtrigger. “I tought him that!” as if to let the hamadryad know of his great accomplishment. Finally Cheondra was free of that vile creature to help the others free themselves of this curse of the forst dwellers. When Braxus was finally free he gave her some log chopping blows and then moved to help Iangold and then Dorn.

With the Hamadryad defeated they were free to talk about what had happened that night and the bracers that were proof of such an outrageous claim. Iangold was complaining that the dragon didn’t even leave him ONE gold piece when clearly he had more gold than the Seven Kings of Bailaodor! But still they didn’t know were to go to defeat these Ingoweth, or Dow. That is when Dorn took out the map and noticed new details that were not their before with a clear place that marked some kind of underground lair. Iangold started with “They better have a ship ton of gold in that lair!”

The party made its way to the underground lair it wasn’t very secret since it had an entrance with many pillars and a nice brick walk way to the entrance. When they were close enough to the door Dorn started sprinting and was going to implode the door when something he stepped on moved and the columns fell in unison leaving him under a pile of rubble. “Dorn!, Dorn!, Dorn!” everyone yelled. “I find” Dorn said “dey donet make ’em like day yousted.” Iangold responed “You certenly sound better when you get hit in the head by a 15 foot column!” Cheondra was quick to attend to his wounds but his head injury would take time to heal but Dorn would take no waiting when he was at the gate of battle, especially when it’s those Drow scum he was learning to love to hate. Iangold and Braxus helped him up to the door and Cheondra checked for more traps they may be on the door. When he was satisfied that the door was not trapped motioned to Iangold. Iangold turned the handle and pulled. It didn’t move he pulled harder and harder until he looked back at Braxuse who was on Dorns left and used his left had to make a pushing motion. Iangold pushed the door and it swung wide open into a down staircase. The staricase led to a hallway that ended at a wooden door. Cheondra checked for more traps and then motioned to Iangold to open the door. This time Iangold turned that handle and pushed. Nothing happened. Then he pulled and almost tore it off its hinges at is crashed into the wall. Braxus was quick to swoop into the darkness and when he was satified with the room being empty he activated his new bracers to light up the room.

It was a small dead end room that had four pillars in the middle and each pillar had a set of four levers on them. On the floor were nine dead Drow with arrow, sword, and axe marks. Dorn was really getting upset that someone had done his job for him. “Where da life unes!” he said grabbing his axe. Iangold started imediatley searching the bodies, “maybe they still have their gold with them!” But he was dissapointed and only found the arrows of Goliaths on their persons. Braxus looked for any signs that would tell him anything and could only find that some had been dragged to clear a way from the door they had entered to a crack in the wall. Cheondra told him that this crack was covered in magic and is probably a door of some kind. Iangold was thinking the gold is probably behind the door, so he told Cheondra and Braxus to watche the levers as he pulled the doors apart, because its obvious that you can’t push them together to open them. He pulled with a mighty strength and said “For Morthaaaaaa!” Then Braxus said “keep going some of them are moving and I think I’ve got it”. So, Iangold kept him self going the only way he could “For Gooooooold!” Braxus shouted “I’ve got you now!” and he flew across the room flipping levers until the final one had locked into place. The door opened with a grinding movment like stone against stone revealing a dark passage way.

Two arrows flew past Cheondra and hit Braxus and Iangold. Iangold noticed that these were the same goliath arrows as the sunspeakers daughter was using the time he had first met one of their people. “Stop shooting Dwarf Dumpers, we are aquantances of the sunspeaker who asked for our help!” They replied “we don’t need any fools help, but before you leave I will grant you audience with me if you know the sunspeaker.” This is when Braxus jumped down from the cealing of the dark room they were in and turned on his bracers again. Iangold walked in and wondered how can someone be that fast? Cheondra noticed that many of the goliaths were wounded and performed a light heal for the masses like the sunspeaker would do back home for them. “What message of you do you have from our sunspeaker, you look like no friends of ours.” the leader of this group of four goliaths said. The begged him to give them a moment to help their injured friend first and he allowed it. While Cheondra was pretending to heal him more and Braxus sinched up the cloths he had aplied to Dorns feet they discussed what to do. Iangold opened "Dorn spent all that time with the Sunspeaker he should know what to say. Braxus agreed and walked Dorn through what to say while he gave him some liquid courage of Parsnip. "All you ave to say is Two birds, one stone. That’s all you have to say.

Dorn walks up to the leader still delerious of his saroundings but knew that he wasn’t suppose to kill this guy because Braxus had taken his axes away. So he began to speak; “So you have a bush in the forest and the bush doesn’t move but then a bird moves out of it and flies, then another bird flies and you have two birds then you move the rock off the ground and you roll it to the bush really hard then the birds go to the bush and you get them.” Dorn looked very confident in his presentation skills. Then Braxus said “Kill two birds, with one stone” to the leader. The leader responded. “I know not what your blue lizard friend says but you make much sense like the sunspeaker. Continue forward adventurers? you will be a good trap finder for us but we keep the gold.” Braxus raised his hand right into Iangolds face who was about to curse unmentionables in the dwarven language at these goliaths. “I accept,” Braxus started and then was cut off by the goliath “then proceed through that door down there we have been having a hard time opening it.” “Have you tried to PUSH it” Iangold said smirkingly as he walked down the four steps to the door. Iangold pushes the door. Nothing happens.


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