Legends of Peresh

The Adventure Begins

A party to remember.

The adventure begins, with a party for our new heroes of parsnip. After much Ale had disapeared and no one could remember how many speeches had been toasted to. A mysterious dwarf with an entarage of well armed guards approach the town of parsnip. They stop right by the statue of Braxus, Iangold, Cheondra, and Dorn. The heroes walk or wobble in Iangolds case to the front of the table to notice that an Eladrin is with this group of dwarves and is quickly to hop off his horse and help a well dressed dwarf off of his horse. “Heroes” the well dressed dwarf said. “Heroes of the town, may I seek you council?” This is when the Mayor of Parsnip recognizing this to be the King of Artum greeted the King and asked him and his men to enter the finest establishment in Parsnip, the Blue Lass. No one told him that it was the only establishment in Parsnip. There our heroes would learn that his name was Kranos and the Eladrin was Isen. They had come seeking adventurers who could help them with the disappearance of two cities. The heroes agreed to this adventure and went off the next morning.

While traveling the the dwarven town they were headed they would meet a Goliath girl named Natius who ended up being the grand daughter of the Sunspeaker, the high shaman of their cohort. The adventurers where not greeted with any welcome they knew, but they didn’t get into a fight and Cheondra got a cool potion, so he can’t be all bad right?

When the heroes got to the town they were told that everything would begin tomorrow and they were given the day to walk the town. Where Braxus met his first Succubus, I mean woman. Dorn also enjoyed the food that was provided in town as well as it’s cheese imports.

The next day everyone was told to get ready when Kem, the halfling servant of Kranos, told them to walk this way and that way until they were in a room that was small and they heard cheering outside. This is when the adventurers realized that they were not about to embark on a quest but were about to be tested.

Well the fight was difficult but the heroes were victorious? Well, they realeased a Fire Elemental from a Elvin Sorceress named Carmela. Who was given the death sentence of “Glory or Death” in which she had to fight in the Arena until she died because of her crimes on dwarvenkind. But instead of killing her, our heroes helped her release a Fire Elemental that was using her as a host. I beleive the words from Iangold were, “Ah guys, I think we just released a Fire Elemental. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop until we are dead. ever.” But, Kranos was happy with their ability to not die that day and gave them the job of helping him.

Then the Sunspeaker shows up and says that his groups of his cohort have gone missing and he needs the help of the heroes. So, Kranos needs their help, Isen needs their help, and the Sunspeaker needs their help…Looks like a big pickle for our adventurers.


mbblaede Auz

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