Legends of Peresh

Return to Cranos

The adventurers escort the prisoners back to Cranos

The adventurers walked the dwarves back to their town to rest before they go back to the city to meet with Cranos. They had alot of questions but the town folks just didn’t have the strength to answer them yet. When they got back to the town they searched for any clues that they could find but they were unable to find anything linking to a deve or anything else that was useful.

The next morning Cheondra and Dorn went out to find some crazy lizard-ostridge that would pull a cart full of town folks while they head back to the city. Dorn took the direct aproach, which he usually does, and ran right after the beast. Cheandra used his keen sense of nature to confuse the creature into running into a tree. When they got the animals hitched up it was time to leave and the town folks where very happy to leave their old life behind.

While traveling the adventurer’s came across many challenges in keeping the town folks calm while traveling. Also, having to deal with animals pulling a cart that would very rarely listen to Dorn or Cheondra. Iangold was having his own problems with having to play escort to these dwarves and having to go back to Cranos with more questions than answers. Braxus was very much a monk and didn’t talk unless he had clearly thought out his question to either one of the other adventurers or one of the town folks.

The Adventurers came to town where many of the city merchants shouted “For Glory” and Iangold would shout back the same in dwarven. They stopped first at the temple to have the dwarves taken care of until they could ask Cranos for a place to have them live in the city. Then they immediately headed to Cranos who had already heard from the Crimson Guard that they were in town. They told Cranos about what they had found so far but did not mention about the magical scroll or this Deve that had sent it. They just told him that they needed more information from a person who they had herd of on their travels.

After they rested they headed out into the town to find out more about this Deve and the magical scroll. Cheondra headed to the healers of the town to tell the new residents where a inn is available for them to stay until they get back on their feet. He learns that the main dwarfs name is Baraus who is the sheriff of the mining town and is now able to fully communicate with Cheondra about what happened. He explained that these drow came out of no where and took them away to mine that mine they where in and where under some sort of mind control from the black rocks. He also explained that when you ground down the rocks they turned into a white powder. Cheondra looked for the local alchemist to help him in his pursuit to find out more about this white powder but the one in town didn’t want to share any information with an eladrin “high elf.”

Iangold and Braxus hit the cities side streets to find out more and see if they could find any old books that have anything to say about Deve or Darastrix. They learn that there is such a book and that it is held by a skinny, sharp teethed shifter with choppy side burns called Lenny the Fat who usually hangs out at the Lucky Ghoul Tavern. Braxus makes his way to the Lucky Ghoul, becaus it was acrous the street from where they had learned this information. He took a seat right next to Lenny the Fat with out him even knowing he had sat down. Lenny was more interested in him than anything and that’s why he allowed his intrusion of normal business. As Braxus licked his eye he asked him if he knew of a book about Darastrix and Deve. Lenny sent for one of his lackeys that returned with an old book and said “information around here costs money, usually 100 gold pieces is the going rate for new information.” Braxus throws on the table a pouch of 150 gold pieces and says “I’m looking for the right information.” Lenny smiled with his sharp teeth showing and said “I like the way you do business, I could offer you a high paying position in the future.” He opened up the book to show Braxus that Darastrix refered to dragons of old and mentions Deve as a blue dragon but it is unclear if this is one particular dragon or just a name given to all blue dragons. Then Lenny turns to Braxus and says “this is what I’m interested in my funny looking friend,” and points out a passage about dragonborns and Braxus makes the connection for the first time in his life of his origins. “Get me more information about creatures like this,” knowing that he is speaking directly to one,“and I’ll give you this book with my blessing.” The shifter winked letting Braxus know that blessing meant alot of gold for him.

Dorn was not welcomed in Moriten’s temple to talk to the dwarves that were still regaining their health but Dorn is a silver tounged half-orc. He talked himself into spending time helping out and became friends with the ladies of the convent who considered him a lost soul. One of the ladies who wanted to sneak out for a night on the town told him that the Deve as a location east of Lorrelle, the dwarven town they had come across.

The Heroes came together with the information they had found and decided to leave for this dangerous place called Deve which they believed could hold the answers of this magical scroll they had come across in the mine calling for an audience with them.


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