Legends of Peresh

Choosing Sides

Which city will the adventurers go to first?

Kranos gave a message out to the town that the Heroes of Parsnip had defeated the “Elven Witch of the West.” Now when one of the adventurers pass by a crowd a dwarf in the crowd will shout “For Glory” in dwarven, because they killed the witch with the “Glory or Death” sentence. If the group is together in the tavern they’ll shout “The Glorious Four” in dwarven and the crowd would erupt in cheers. Iangold will then sout “For Glory” in dwarven and the tavern will cheer again and another free ale passes in front of Iangold, Cheondra, and Dorn. Braxus has the serving wench bring him water in his stein.

The adventurer’s were able to talk the three leaders to give them time to prepare for the journey ahead and to make the decision to choose who to help first.

Braxus spent most his time with the crimson guards leader having chi tea in the morning and teaching Tai Chi in the afternoon to those dwarves willing to endure the training of the Lizard man.

Cheondra helped Isen with determining certain herbs to help find new ways to mix potions. Isen was very impressed by Cheondra’s abilities in medicines and arcane magic.

Dorn spent most of his time in the tavern, no one was suprised except for the fact he was with the Sunspeaker. They talked about how the sun rises and sets. They also talked about how the moon takes the place of the sun at night.

Iangold, realizing that Kranos had the deepest pockets, was willing to help Kranos with any tasks that he was capable of helping him with. Even taking a position at the east gate to help with the injured guards from Braxus’s training.


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