A lone continent

Yet a new era is dawning

an age of legends

Welcome to Legends of Peresh!

This is a new campaign beginning in the Age of Men in Peresh, a campaign setting created by DM Mark and explored (i.e. built/developed) by his gaming groups.

Character sheets are still being developed, back-stories written, and campaign hooks fleshed out. Our regular gaming time will be Thursdays at 6:30pm at Mark’s apartment.

Take a look at the wiki. The wiki will be the hub for in-depth information for this campaign. Place information, lore, and organizations are the major categories of the wiki.

Also check the adventure log. It will be the place for “story so far” updates – I would like this to be updated weekly with player notes if possible.

Peresh Personæ

Name Race (Gender) Class (Level) Wealth Player
Iangold Human (m) Fighter (6) 630 Austin
Braxus Dragonborn (m) Monk (6) 1,306 Gilder
Dorn Half-Orc (m) Ranger (6) 1,210 Ben
Cheondra Eladrin (m) Shaman (6) 1,255 Jaime

Legends of Peresh

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