Natius – Goliath daughter of the shaman sunspeaker.

Cranos – King of the city-state Ardaem. Patron of the Four Glory adventurers. Elected for life by the noble class.

Kem – Halfling court servant to Cranos. Trusted with coordinating the patronage of adventuring parties.

Crimson Gaurd – Kranos’s personal guard in Ardaem. An elite group of heavily armed and armored troops.

Tymela – “Elven Witch of the West” elven sourceress captured by Kranos. She was in league with fire elementals/demons/devils of some kind. She was given “Glory or Death”, death sentence originating in Domil culture, by Cranos.

Isen – Eladrin messenger/traveler who does business with Kranos and the city of Ardaem. Resident of the grove recently victim to the Disappearance.

Sunspeaker – Shaman leader of the goliath cohorts in the Hammerbelt. Speaks his mind, but sometimes cloaks his words in metaphors and idioms unique to his people.


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