Legends of Peresh

Prologue part one
of lunch, dogs, and dramatic cliffhangers

Our story begins in the Dwarven town of Parsnip. Having crossed paths in the quaint community, we four, sharing the common bond of not being Dwarven ourselves ended up drinking together of an evening at the Blue Lass, finest of Parsnip’s drinking establishments. One afternoon our lunch was interrupted by a much a feared and wild eyed farmer, ranting about wild dogs and the need for those capable of doing something to get to it. Apparently, thats about as much as his courage could take before he ran back out the door again. The party, having been looking for just this sort of adventure hook, decided to follow and see what all the fuss was about.

At the crossroads outside of town we encountered a pack of painted heyenas, the sort of which you usually see as part of a Gnoll warband. Curiously, no gnolls were present, but little time was left for pondering the mystery, as the Heyenas were quite keen to attack. being pack animals, they attempted to swarm their targets, jumping and thrashing just out of reach and darting in for attacks. They took particular offense to Dorn, as it would seem they don’t appreciate battle crazed Half Orcs laying about them with axes. He managed to scrape through it, and it helped that between us we struck them several sound blows. When the dust and fur was settled we found that it had been too late, nearby was the body of the farmer who had interrupted lunch. However, we also found a good enough leaving of tracks leading back to a nearby wood.

After a brief lecture from Cheondra about the organizational structure of Gnoll tribes, we had at least managed to puzzle out that he was saying there should definitely be Gnolls nearby, so we should be on the lookout. And a good thing we kept such a watch while we followed the trail, just as we crested an old stone bridge we found a surprise waiting for us. Goblins

We could make out in the distance a very murdered Gnoll packmaster, explaining the heyenas running loose. And closer to use, no fewer than six goblins, explaining the dead Gnoll. The ensuing skirmish was hectic, as it often is when dealing with Goblins. Iangold stood resolute despite and welcomed their attempt to gang up on him, meeting the majority of their attacks stoutly with his shield. Braxus went all kung fu on the goblins, showing off his spinning leopard manuver, unfortunately the goblins responded by knocking him out. Luckily they were soundly beaten back. One of them escaped, and we managed to capture a second. If theres one thing every adventurer knows, it’s that scared goblins like to talk, and this one certainly did. The more he talked, the more it became clear that the town of Parsnip was under attack, and here we were, out in the woods…

to be continued…

Prologue, part two
introduction to bugbears

We rejoin our heroes, alerted by their captive that the town of Parsnip was likely in danger. The prisoner was then killed, trying to escape.

As we neared Parsnip we found confirmation that the danger was real when the more observant members of our band spotted tracks, which were found to be made by bugbears, and pointed in the direction of town. We immediately picked up the pace, some of us with the grace of the wind, and some of us with the noise of a metalworks rolling downhill. When we reached town we found the gate strangely unguarded, but no signs of bloody struggle either. Continuing on to the market we finally spied some signs of life, a few merchants that turned tail and ran at the sight of us, but still no sign of any goblins, regular or super-sized.

When we had passed through the market we reached the town hall and it became apparent that this where many of the citizens had decided to hole up and wait out the danger. Using unflappable logic we managed to convince them that we were in fact, not goblinoid. We even managed to talk them into providing some cover fire with the towns three crossbows, wielded by their two best markswomen, Megatra and Priscilla, and also a chap named Fred. Our conversation was interrupted by the sounds of mayhem from behind the building and we leaped into action.

Coming around the building we found the source of all this disturbance, four bugbears in the street ahead, one of them lighting fire to the Skinny Wench, which although not our preferred drinking establishment, obviously had people inside, and given the usual clientele, probably some important people as far as parsnip reckons things.

The skirmish was fierce and violent, Braxus was first into the fray, opening the gate of battle on the nearest bugbear, only to be thanked with a mace to the face. It quickly became apparent that the bugbears had some friends when goblin archers began firing from nearby rooftops. Cheondra called forth his spirit ally and they moved to join the battle, one of the bug bears managed to get his hands around Cheondra’s throat, but he quickly teleported to safety, leaving the bugbear empty handed with and Iangold ready to join the mix. Dorn joined in heartily, calling on the spirit of the panther and laying into the bugbears with rage.

Things weren’t looking to good for us, after Cheondra’s spirit ally had helped Braxus recovered, the goblin archers put him right back down. The same spirit ally lashed out in desperation and took down Iangold in his fury, Dorn lingered on the razor’s edge of consciousness himself. Our own ranged support was not proving the difference maker, until Fred took his turn and wowed us all, finishing off one of the bugbears with what might have been the greatest shot any of us had seen. It still looked as though time might not be on our side. Dorn, bleeding heavily exerted the rest of his rage and charged into and through the burning wall of the Skinny Wench and skidding to an unconscious halt on the floor inside. Iangold took up position outside the impromptu orc-shaped door, shield held resolutely, covering the escape of those trapped within, waiting til they were out before dragging Dorn back out by his ankle. Cheondra rallied the citizens to retreat while Braxus ran interference with a flurry of blows. Meanwhile, it seemed the locals had decided to just keep a loaded crossbow in Fred’s hands so he could pick off the remaining threats.

Panting in recovery, we were approached by the mayor, who informed us that this was an alarming change of behavior for the goblins, and that the town would remain in danger unless someone or someones brave enough to trace the threat down could be found.

Indeed, it looked like we had a spot of work ahead of us.

Prologue, part three
Town, Tavern, and a Cave

Bugbear and Iangold

We join our adventurers inside the city of Parsnip…

Iangold starts up conversation with the leaders in the Blue Lass Tavern when he inadvertently stumbled on making fun of short people and how they can’t ask for a “High Five.” He then quickly recovers by his knowledge of the dwarven city and what has happened through the years and how the town folks have never had this much trouble with the current battles. The Dwarves at the table knew that he was a good man, especially since he let the Blue Lass Waitress Mortha, who he is courting, talk down to him and make more fun of him than he made of the Dwarves at the table. Then one of the Dwarfs said he should teach him some sword moves. Iangold had a great idea of starting a class to teach the town folk how to protect themselves with a sword and a shield he also hired Fred a local hero who had recently opened the Quiver’s and Quills store that sold archery and cross bow armament. business started booming and he had, as he said, “all the dwarfs cutting their own grass!”

Cheondra using his knowledge of nature to search the areas of the first two battles of our adventurers. He looked for any clues he could find that would give him any information on where these villians had come from and what lies ahead. He was able to assertain that a larger creature that he currently had faced is on the loose. Cheondra with his keen, unbelievable and crazy perception discovered a large foot print and white powder that seemed to come from the foot of the western mountain caverns. He then went back to the twn to report what he had found to his fellow adventurers who quickly took a chair for the brief sermon of what he found. After he had been very detailed and descriptive in his story he started to assist those who have been injured or burned when the Skinny Wench was burned down because these where mostly leaders of the town he started to gain favor over the towns folk. Which they were suspicious of the pointy eared stranger who has a warped sense of humor but now most of the town folks have talked about him and the other TALL people that they found him to be a good hearted Eladrin even with his unhairy face. (He also has gotten everyone in the Blue Lass to shout “Dorn!” when Dorn comes through the door)



When everyone had finally come together at the Blue Lass they head out to the Cavern that Cheondra had talked about finding. They decided to make a sneak attack that wasn’t very sneaky since Iangold went first into the cave only to be welcomed by a feirce patron of the cave they exchanged blows. Then Braxus came rushing in like the wind to help Iangold only to have the white powder fly into his face blinding him and was only able to fling his weapons in the direction of the villian. Then a giant Bugbear came out of a tunnel and started beating on Braxus. Dorn quickly pined an enemy against the cavern wall to protect Cheondra from it’s fierce blows. Cheondra started shooting arrows from behind Iangold and Iangold wips his shield around to use both hands to thrust his sword twards the bugbear and make a lasting gash. While Braxus had shifted behind the bugbear to make the finishing blow.

The Adventure Begins
A party to remember.

The adventure begins, with a party for our new heroes of parsnip. After much Ale had disapeared and no one could remember how many speeches had been toasted to. A mysterious dwarf with an entarage of well armed guards approach the town of parsnip. They stop right by the statue of Braxus, Iangold, Cheondra, and Dorn. The heroes walk or wobble in Iangolds case to the front of the table to notice that an Eladrin is with this group of dwarves and is quickly to hop off his horse and help a well dressed dwarf off of his horse. “Heroes” the well dressed dwarf said. “Heroes of the town, may I seek you council?” This is when the Mayor of Parsnip recognizing this to be the King of Artum greeted the King and asked him and his men to enter the finest establishment in Parsnip, the Blue Lass. No one told him that it was the only establishment in Parsnip. There our heroes would learn that his name was Kranos and the Eladrin was Isen. They had come seeking adventurers who could help them with the disappearance of two cities. The heroes agreed to this adventure and went off the next morning.

While traveling the the dwarven town they were headed they would meet a Goliath girl named Natius who ended up being the grand daughter of the Sunspeaker, the high shaman of their cohort. The adventurers where not greeted with any welcome they knew, but they didn’t get into a fight and Cheondra got a cool potion, so he can’t be all bad right?

When the heroes got to the town they were told that everything would begin tomorrow and they were given the day to walk the town. Where Braxus met his first Succubus, I mean woman. Dorn also enjoyed the food that was provided in town as well as it’s cheese imports.

The next day everyone was told to get ready when Kem, the halfling servant of Kranos, told them to walk this way and that way until they were in a room that was small and they heard cheering outside. This is when the adventurers realized that they were not about to embark on a quest but were about to be tested.

Well the fight was difficult but the heroes were victorious? Well, they realeased a Fire Elemental from a Elvin Sorceress named Carmela. Who was given the death sentence of “Glory or Death” in which she had to fight in the Arena until she died because of her crimes on dwarvenkind. But instead of killing her, our heroes helped her release a Fire Elemental that was using her as a host. I beleive the words from Iangold were, “Ah guys, I think we just released a Fire Elemental. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop until we are dead. ever.” But, Kranos was happy with their ability to not die that day and gave them the job of helping him.

Then the Sunspeaker shows up and says that his groups of his cohort have gone missing and he needs the help of the heroes. So, Kranos needs their help, Isen needs their help, and the Sunspeaker needs their help…Looks like a big pickle for our adventurers.

Choosing Sides
Which city will the adventurers go to first?

Kranos gave a message out to the town that the Heroes of Parsnip had defeated the “Elven Witch of the West.” Now when one of the adventurers pass by a crowd a dwarf in the crowd will shout “For Glory” in dwarven, because they killed the witch with the “Glory or Death” sentence. If the group is together in the tavern they’ll shout “The Glorious Four” in dwarven and the crowd would erupt in cheers. Iangold will then sout “For Glory” in dwarven and the tavern will cheer again and another free ale passes in front of Iangold, Cheondra, and Dorn. Braxus has the serving wench bring him water in his stein.

The adventurer’s were able to talk the three leaders to give them time to prepare for the journey ahead and to make the decision to choose who to help first.

Braxus spent most his time with the crimson guards leader having chi tea in the morning and teaching Tai Chi in the afternoon to those dwarves willing to endure the training of the Lizard man.

Cheondra helped Isen with determining certain herbs to help find new ways to mix potions. Isen was very impressed by Cheondra’s abilities in medicines and arcane magic.

Dorn spent most of his time in the tavern, no one was suprised except for the fact he was with the Sunspeaker. They talked about how the sun rises and sets. They also talked about how the moon takes the place of the sun at night.

Iangold, realizing that Kranos had the deepest pockets, was willing to help Kranos with any tasks that he was capable of helping him with. Even taking a position at the east gate to help with the injured guards from Braxus’s training.

Follow the Leads
The party follows the information they are given.


The party follows a relaxed Jordaine, who was hired by Cranos to lead them to the city, he traveled with two crimson guards and two of his merchants that had a pony and a cart to carry everyones things up to a point were the forest got thick. Jordaine said it would only be a two day trip to the city and had other things to attend to and left the party to find their own way. The party took their time manly because Iangold had to stop and clear his armor of the underbrush that would get caught in between it. Braxus being an adjile monk would just move with the wind between the underbrush and was excellent at climbing and jumping from limb to limb. Cheondra would just see a point in the distance and Fey Step their and just wait for Iangold to get through just to say “What took you so long?” Dorn living in the forest most of his life was not slowed by the underbrush.

When they got to the city they found it empty as a ghost town but still aproached with caution. They were met with four dark elf’s that were not welcoming. Braxus and Dorn climbing on a roof were able to stop the efforts of a sniper while Iangold and Cheondra played the bait in the main courtyard of the town. Cheondra summoned his spirit companion right next to one of the dark elfs and ended up scaring him so much that after Iangold got a second swing on the dark elf he or she ran to the hills. Another stayed to face the steel clad bush but Iangold quickly made fast work of the dark elf. After Dorn had taken care of the sniper, Braxus jumped of the roof as only Braxus could and stoped one Dark Elf for questioning.

When the Dark Elf was tied up to a chair in an empty kitchen Dorn woke her up. She immediately started biting her cheek and that’s when Braxus jumped in to remove the ball of poison in her mouth to silence her for good. She must have notice that she had been thoroughly searched because when she looked for her weapons they were gone. That’s when Dorn stepped up and did what he does best and scared the color out of her dark skin. She was willing to give up just enough information as long as there was still hope that she could get free and use her weapons just a few feet away to kill these adventurer’s. She gave away a spot she believed she was sent, to find a “small one.” Also another spot on the map after Iangold was fed up with her not answering a hundred questions. Cheondra was the only one who could speak Elven and translated everything to make sure she understood what they were saying and trying to be kind about it.

After it was sure that they would get no more information from her she was left with Braxus. Iangold, Dorn, and Cheondra went outside to argue. Iangold wanted to let her choose death by giving back her weapons and seeing if she would choose to fight or leave, one had already gotten away so another would not arouse anymor suspicions. Dorn wanted her dead because obviously she had meant to kill them and was not fight for any good he had seen. While they were arguing Braxus walked by and said in a low voice “She killed herself.” Dorn and Iangold turned an said “What?” Braxus said “the wind flew through my fingers and the poison ball fell in her mouth and she bit down on it really hard!” Dorn was happy with this because she was dead and Iangold was pleased with the poetic justice of it.

They stayed one night in the town and only found only a cart outside the town gate that was loaded with mining and blacksmith equipment. The party then started their journey to the first mark on the map. When they got to that part of the forest it seemed that this was the thickest part of the woods. A voice came from the underbrush “who goes their?”

The party heard from the dark elf, they had captured, that there was a “small one” who knew some thing about spiders in which they wanted “more of,” this is what the note said. The party tried to be friendly, but being a motley crew it’s really hard to get on the good side of strangers. So, the halfling called on his spider friends to try and stop them. Dorn quickly made his blades useful against the halfling, slowing his escape. Braxus was already trying to sneak around the underbrush when he was met by a swarm of spiders. Iangold also charged in to stop the halfling but stoped when he was met with a spider web and made a swipe that mised the halfling. Cheondra stayed back and used his spirit to block the swarm of spiders and to attack them as much as it could. He also spent his time moving around to help his comrades. He did take a double take and laugh at Iangold when he went around the spider webs and then screem like a little girl when the spider swarm tried to get into his armor. Emphasist on tried they didn’t even get close to his skin. There was also a Large Spider that Dron quickly took his axe to but it ended up spraying Dorn and Braxus with spider guts and when that happened the swarm of spiders ran away. That’s when Dorn turned to Iangold and said “It’s time to wake up the Halfling!”

Rock or Lobster
Now we're getting somewhere?

The halfling looked up in fear to a spider-guts wearing half-orc. Iangold wondered what he was thinking in that tiny little head of his. Braxus stood waiting as if he had already said what he wanted to say. Cheandra looked for any cuts and bruises that may need healing.

“Do you feel like telling us what we want to know, or do you want to be like this spider,” Dorn wipes off some spider-guts from his hands. The halfling looked behind him to only see the shell of his giant spider. “I’ll tell you what you want to know, as much as I can!” the halfling said. “Gault, is my name and I’m just a forest hermit.” After an hour or so of talking and trying to get the reason for him selling spider poisons and spiders to the local drow the learn that he really is just a business man and not part of any mischievous plot. Still Dorn wanted to kill him. He tells the adventurers of a mine far from the town they had visited and helped them find it on their map that they had originally had gotten from the drow prisoner.

They spent their time through the forest taking short cuts when they could to get to this mine. Finally when they got there it was far off when Cheondra notice that the mountain looked like it was moving. Not moving from the ground just the rocks on the mountain where moving. When they got to the entrance of the cave they found out that there was moving rock-lobsters. They moved like ants on an ant hill on this mountain and where covering and inside this cave. Iangold tried to use fire to get them to move but they were to busy to notice the fire unless it was actually burning through their thick exo-skeleton.

Dorn just started walking into the cave like what are a whole bunch of rock-lobsters going to do to me. Iangold said “wait up,” and Braxus and Cheondra followed. The creatures where to busy to notice them traveling through the cave until they came to a door where two rock-lobsters where sitting like guards. Obviously they couldn’t make doors so these had been trained as guard dogs for anyone brave enough to travel through. Iangold was quickly subdued from the venom of these creatures that slowed him to a stand still. This was fine because Braxus and Dorn moved about the cave as if it was filled with ice. Dorn stayed on the closest one and kept hacking at it with his axe and let the others come to hime. Braxus kept hitting one and then seeing another one attack him he would run and attack that one. Cheondra just stayed in that back and had his spirit companion do the fighting for him. After killing the larger of the creatures they where left to go through the door ahead.

A cavern with an underground lake was behind the door with none of the rock-lobsters in this room. A trogladite by the underground pool didn’t notice them enter the room. It was trying, with a long spear, to spear a fish in the water. There was no other trogladites in sight. Iangold just stood still to see what the others would do. Both Braxus and Dorn stealthely got behind him. That’s when Braxus demanded his service to him. He called two of his friends from across the pool and they started in sprint to the other side. That’s when Dorn struck him with an axe, maiming him for Braxus to finish off and started for the ones across the pool that were heading his way. Cheondra summoned his spirit right above the trogladite and started attacking it right in the water. Braxus did finish of the trogladite who didn’t swear his undying allegiance to him. The onther trogladites never made it to the other side of the pool thanks to Dorn.

In the chamber there where two cages of dwarves from the town that where being kept there. One had male dwarves and the other had female dwarves. Iangold gave them some trail rations but they were to weak to talk. They looked around the cavern and found nothing but then Braxus found a box in the water that contained a scroll. They tried for hours to find a way to open it but it seamed magically sealed from what Cheondra could see from the device that held the scroll.

They decided to wait there until the dwarves had enough strength to leave. But they were all awakened in the night by a mysterious voice.

The Voice in the Cave
Hearing a voice from a scroll starts a new search.

Words spin and swirl and coalesce in to a dark blue toothy mouth. As begins to speak, it’s as if all other sounds have been muffled out, even those of your comrades-in-arms. All you hear is the booming voice contained in the scroll. Its magic renders you unable – or unwilling- to speak until the message is complete. In Common, the voice booms in to your minds:

“Brave souls… if you have received this simple message you are wiser, or at least mightier, than those you have no doubt vanquished to reach it. The slimy sniveling whelps you have defeated are abhorrent representatives of their kind. For their insufficiencies I must apologize, for the sake of all those who share and claim the iejir darastrix.

(As these strange words are spoken, something stirs in Braxus’ gut – he cannot identify the feeling, nor the language)

Alas, my kin, or lack thereof, is why I speak to you now in such a crude manner. It seems these malai keefum, troglodytes, as you would crudely call them, believe an untruth, a lie, a misleading they were allowed to believe by the ingoeth, those drow you must surely be tracking. There has been a grave misrepresentation of my role in these matters. You see, these malai believe me to be their patron, a wise father-god who advises the ingoeth on the best use of the whelps to reach my goals. But these machinations and schemes of the ingoeth, the drow, are not my doing. I know not whose bidding they act upon. Perhaps it is the she-god, the whisperer and spinner and weaver of lies. The she-god is cunning but her name has not been spoken.

(Cheondra notices the apparent mention of Lolth, dark goddess of shadow, lies, and spiders – enemy of his god Corellon and his people, the eladrin)

Be it a she-god or some other force guiding them, it is an affront that the brutal and simple ways of these ingoeth should be attributed to Deve! They have been a mere nuisance until now. Now, these drow, and especially their malai whelps have grown not to be a threat, for none could truly threaten the darastrix – but they have become a distraction I would very much like to have lesser beings take care of. This is where you come in. I know not who you are, truly, even why you are here, but it seems the defeat of these troglodytes has brought us in to an alignment of sorts, for a time. I would much like to visit with you at my estate. You will be richly rewarded for heeding this call. I cannot say what may befall if my generous invitation were to be ignored or refused.

Heed the call of Deve, and relieve this domain of the nuisance – ingoeth. The captives should have all you need to locate my estate, if you are truly the souls I expect. Heed the call of Deve, brave ones. I leave you to finish your paltry task with the captives, and then, your presence I request.”

Return to Cranos
The adventurers escort the prisoners back to Cranos

The adventurers walked the dwarves back to their town to rest before they go back to the city to meet with Cranos. They had alot of questions but the town folks just didn’t have the strength to answer them yet. When they got back to the town they searched for any clues that they could find but they were unable to find anything linking to a deve or anything else that was useful.

The next morning Cheondra and Dorn went out to find some crazy lizard-ostridge that would pull a cart full of town folks while they head back to the city. Dorn took the direct aproach, which he usually does, and ran right after the beast. Cheandra used his keen sense of nature to confuse the creature into running into a tree. When they got the animals hitched up it was time to leave and the town folks where very happy to leave their old life behind.

While traveling the adventurer’s came across many challenges in keeping the town folks calm while traveling. Also, having to deal with animals pulling a cart that would very rarely listen to Dorn or Cheondra. Iangold was having his own problems with having to play escort to these dwarves and having to go back to Cranos with more questions than answers. Braxus was very much a monk and didn’t talk unless he had clearly thought out his question to either one of the other adventurers or one of the town folks.

The Adventurers came to town where many of the city merchants shouted “For Glory” and Iangold would shout back the same in dwarven. They stopped first at the temple to have the dwarves taken care of until they could ask Cranos for a place to have them live in the city. Then they immediately headed to Cranos who had already heard from the Crimson Guard that they were in town. They told Cranos about what they had found so far but did not mention about the magical scroll or this Deve that had sent it. They just told him that they needed more information from a person who they had herd of on their travels.

After they rested they headed out into the town to find out more about this Deve and the magical scroll. Cheondra headed to the healers of the town to tell the new residents where a inn is available for them to stay until they get back on their feet. He learns that the main dwarfs name is Baraus who is the sheriff of the mining town and is now able to fully communicate with Cheondra about what happened. He explained that these drow came out of no where and took them away to mine that mine they where in and where under some sort of mind control from the black rocks. He also explained that when you ground down the rocks they turned into a white powder. Cheondra looked for the local alchemist to help him in his pursuit to find out more about this white powder but the one in town didn’t want to share any information with an eladrin “high elf.”

Iangold and Braxus hit the cities side streets to find out more and see if they could find any old books that have anything to say about Deve or Darastrix. They learn that there is such a book and that it is held by a skinny, sharp teethed shifter with choppy side burns called Lenny the Fat who usually hangs out at the Lucky Ghoul Tavern. Braxus makes his way to the Lucky Ghoul, becaus it was acrous the street from where they had learned this information. He took a seat right next to Lenny the Fat with out him even knowing he had sat down. Lenny was more interested in him than anything and that’s why he allowed his intrusion of normal business. As Braxus licked his eye he asked him if he knew of a book about Darastrix and Deve. Lenny sent for one of his lackeys that returned with an old book and said “information around here costs money, usually 100 gold pieces is the going rate for new information.” Braxus throws on the table a pouch of 150 gold pieces and says “I’m looking for the right information.” Lenny smiled with his sharp teeth showing and said “I like the way you do business, I could offer you a high paying position in the future.” He opened up the book to show Braxus that Darastrix refered to dragons of old and mentions Deve as a blue dragon but it is unclear if this is one particular dragon or just a name given to all blue dragons. Then Lenny turns to Braxus and says “this is what I’m interested in my funny looking friend,” and points out a passage about dragonborns and Braxus makes the connection for the first time in his life of his origins. “Get me more information about creatures like this,” knowing that he is speaking directly to one,“and I’ll give you this book with my blessing.” The shifter winked letting Braxus know that blessing meant alot of gold for him.

Dorn was not welcomed in Moriten’s temple to talk to the dwarves that were still regaining their health but Dorn is a silver tounged half-orc. He talked himself into spending time helping out and became friends with the ladies of the convent who considered him a lost soul. One of the ladies who wanted to sneak out for a night on the town told him that the Deve as a location east of Lorrelle, the dwarven town they had come across.

The Heroes came together with the information they had found and decided to leave for this dangerous place called Deve which they believed could hold the answers of this magical scroll they had come across in the mine calling for an audience with them.

Dragon or Dream
The party meets their first real dragon

The trek continued through the forest, without any thing vile bothering the party until…

They came across some ancient ruins that were covered in vines. Well there was just two columns in the middle of the forest of Deve. Both columns had ancient writings that none of the party were able to decipher. Cheondra was able to remember from his history classes that these where obelisks.

While they were taking a rest here they heard something in the bushes. Cheondra called out “Hello there” but there was no answer. There was something there but it wasn’t introducing itself so Braxus tried to get a better view by jumping and climbing on top of the pillars but he wasn’t able to see anything. Dorn sniffed the air but turned to Iangold with a confused look on his face. Iangold charged into the bushes to scare whatever it was out but it turned out to be Drakes that were not scared of Iangold. Two of them jumped and attacked Iangold and One jumped out in front of Dorn. Cheondra thought “Big mistake reptile” as Dorn was quickly to lay his axes on the creature. Braxus seeing the creature below jumped down and had a pile of drake meat for the barbecue that night. Cheondra somoned his spirit companion in the corner wear a lone drake hadn’t joined the party yet. Iangold was quick to take out the two infront of him with help from Braxus and Dorn. When those were done it was Iangold focused his attention to the finald drake.

When Iangold charged the final drake a beautiful white haired elf woman came out of the forest. Iangold missed the drake because he was two busy looking at the eye candy that was before him (later he would have to tell them not to mention this to his sweet heart Mortha Earthfriend back home). The drake didn’t attack and healed to this new woman who asked “What are you doing?” For that moment all the fighting stopped and it was Dorn who broke the silence, “Are we making new friends or are we continuing this onslaught?” The woman replied “Maybe.” Which confused Dorn and Iangold. Braxus and Cheondra then spoke to ask if she sent these creatures after them. She replied “they’re not my creatures.” Braxus retorted “They seem to yeild to you.” She stated to the party “many things yeild to me in this place.” That was Braxuses cue to ask about Deve and Devastrix. She was silent for a moment and then asked the party to follow her and the Drake retreated into the forest from whence it came.

They were taken to a clear pool where two other women were standing. One on the other side of the pool with golden hair and clearly eladrin. One to the left of her who was a gnome. The elf took her side next to the eladrin woman and wispered something into her ear. The Eladrin woman spoke “You have met my sister willow. I am Lucaste and this is my sister Plum.” Iangold notices imediatley that they are of different races so how can they possibly be sisters but he doesn’t say anything. Dorn starts in with the smooth talking and wants to take at least one of them on his good side. Cheondra is very interested in this new Eladrin that he has never met. Braxus only cares about knowing more about this Deve and is hoping that these “sisters” have the answers he is looking for. Finally the Lucaste spoke again “You have the scroll?” Braxus retorts “Yes, do you know Deve?” She replies “is that what you seek?” Braxus replies “Obviously.” They wisper amongst each other. The all look at Iangold and the eladrin says “And what is it you seek?” Iangold taking it at face value said “A ship ton of gold!” Plum response “An honest answer” as if to say Braxus had given an unhonest answer. Then they asked Dorn who said standing proud “To create a reputation.” Cheondra replied “To discover new ways to heal.” When the question came back to Braxus he finally answered honestly; “To find more information about dragonborns.” The wispered again amongst themselves. “If you wish to meet Deve, cast the scroll into the pool.” Braxus takes the scroll out of his bag and throws it into the pool without question. The scroll opens mid flight and falls into the pool the ink dissolved and then the paper disloved. Then Lucaste said “Very interesting. You will meet Deve by the pillars” That’s when turned and started to walk into the forest. Iangold was confused and said “What do you seek?” and she replied as she disappeared into the forest “I seek the will of my sisters.”

The party walked back to the pillars hoping to meet Deve but there was no one there so they made a fire an cooked some drake before heading off to bed. Just before they were ready to lie down on their bed roll the vines on the obelisks started growing and started squeezing the columns until they crumbled to the grown. A blue light filled the area and when it receided they were all in a stone room with a blue geode on the other end of the room with piles of gold in it. Then the adventurers noticed a blue dragon in the geode that started to move twards them. He talked slow and with an air of importance. “So it seems you are the ones who have answered my scroll. I was expecting more but you have shown you are capable of being of service to me.” He looks at them and starts with a dire tone, “This is my domain and it disturbs me that these ingoweth, or drow as the common say, they keep their trogladite slaves to mine these mind controlling rocks. But as of late they have been speeding up their efforts and enslaving others that do not wish to serve” he looks at Cheondra and changes his next words that he was going to say. “THAT she creature, I do not approve of their dark rituals in my territory. I would take care of this myself if it wasn’t so far underneath me. Of course I would pay you for your efforts. So will you form a Pact of Service with me?” The party talked quickly to each other not to be rude to the Deve and agreed to help him with this task. When the Deve got their approval he said “There is much more I wan’t to talk to you about young dragonborn.” Braxus told him about the book he had been shown by Lenny the Fat. “I would be interested in such a book. When you are finished with this quest I would hope you could return this book to me.” At this point he said “But that will have to wait until you complete your mission.” Then he took a deep breath and breathed a blue lightning breath on all of them.

It was like a shock that put them to sleep and they woke up in their bed rolls with the sun just rising above the tree tops. For some reason they felt extra refreshed from their sleep then they usually do. Then as they were getting ready to start their morning routine they hear in the forest to the east. “Aaaahhhhhaaaaaa!!!!” Cheondra was standing in his trance when it attacked him from the forest!


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