Legends of Peresh

Of Swamp and Men
Adventure begins in the swamp and ends in a Keep.

Cheondra was the first one up that fall morning and stepped out of the tent to start looking for any more clues the gravesite. Braxus got up and looked around the perimeter for any clues and then looked in the grave site and found nothing but he did notice that these were human remains which was odd to find in this area. Cheondra did notice on the bones a dark magic that was used to animate them the night before. The decide to head back to the camp.

Iangold was busy cooking patatoes and woke up dorn with a kick on the boots saying “taters ready.” Dorn got up and smelled the fresh air and listened to what Cheondra and Braxus had found in the graveyard. “Nothing” Braxus said “we didn’t find anything useful that would give us a clue for why these humans were here or what a necromancer was doing in there.” “Maybe to perform some dark ritual, and I’m glad we stopped him.” said Cheondra but kept to himself the real feeling of dread that he had felt from the necromancers magic that had been left on the bones in the graveyard. “So this ritual didn’t involve any gold. Not a very good ritual” said Iangold as he bit into another potato.

After breakfast the adventurers left for the road outside the forest they stayed in for the night. The road split two ways they could go east adn to the mountain range or south toward the ocean air that Dorn and Iangold smelled. They came to a logical conclusion to go to the ocean where there is probably a port town. As they traveled down the road it got more and more difficult to locate the path because it was a wetland that they had wandered into. Cheondra was determining what was the best way by fey stepping to the top of the trees and loooking ahead. Dorn just followed through the swamp and ended up cutting himself on a rock but quickly bandaged it up himself because he knew Cheondra would take the appropriate amount of time to tend to the wound. Iangold found the highest ground and started chopping a path through to get ahead of the group. Braxus was hopping from rock to rock like only a trained monk could do.
While they were traveling they encountered a group of snakes in the swamp that were no baby seals. Dorn made quick work of chopping them into swamp and snake stew, four to be exact. Then he turned to everyone who was stopped in their tracks and said “I’m tired of these mf snakes on this mf swamp.” When that happened a beautiful maiden appeared in the middle of the swamp but then she reached down and pulled out of her skin some daggers and started throwing them at Dorn. Then whatever magic that was holding this form became undone when the flesh melted away and an old hag remained. Iangold and Cheondra try to get close to the hag to fight but everytime they got closer it seemed like the moisture from their bodies was being sucked out of them. Braxus was able to get close enough to give the hag a twin thunder strike. “Here comes the thunder.” Braxus said this and at that point a lightning struck in the distance and the thunder of Braxus’s punches which knocked the wind out of her and she fell into the swamp to drown.

The adventurer’s continued until they came to a small keep that didn’t seem to be guarded until and arrow flew from one of the windows and hit Braxus right in the scale. He pulled out the scale and the arrow together and tossed it to the side and leaped to the top of the building and started taking out the occupance. Iangold and Dorn followed suit but had to climb after the jump. At this time more arrows came from around the keep. Iangold lowered a rope to help Cheondra up so he could get a better look to cast his spirit companion to take out some of these armed guards. As soon as he summoned his spirit it came within two inches from the archer on the other side of the Keep and scared him so much that he fell out of the tower while it swiped at him, later they would find out that he had fallen and had the wind knocked out of him but was fine. The adventurers were trying not to kill anyone because they wanted to question them and maybe even ask for help. When they had battled their way into the inner part of the keep a man dressed in expensive armor was standing in the courtyard viewing what had happened. Iangold started to charge him but the the man spoke. “I am Baron Rachaed Arroway, we thought you were sent by the Ingoweth but it is clear that you are much greater warriors than they could ever hope to be.” Iangold nodded and said “We seek the stop the Ingoweth as well, help us in our quest.” “That I will,” said the Baron Arroway, “but first a spot of ale, come we have much to discuss.”

The Mage
To mage or not to mage?

The journey out of the cave had been long and arduous for the Glorious Four – Dorn, Braxus, Iangold, and Cheondra – but finally they began to see daylight. Being cooped up in such tight confines had inevitable bred subtle tensions between the party members, and this led to a prank. Braxus picked out a special gold piece from his satchel and threw outside as they emerged from a grave.

Immediately, Iangold ran outside to retrieve the gold piece. It was the perfect prank, because Iangold could not stand the potential loss of even one gold piece. Braxus of course had tied the gold piece to a silk string and pulled it back into his hand before Iangold noticed. As the remaining party laughed as Iangold aimlessly ran out of the cave in pursuit of the gold piece, the laughter quickly subsided when they realized what lay outside the cave for the party.

It was a graveyard with a crypt and the taiga forests in the background. However, what drew their attention was a wily old mage standing not more than forty feet in front of them. The Mage was a scary figure indeed, but was even more scary was what he beheld in his right hand – a heart that was spewing blood from a recent victim. In his left hand, the Mage held a wizards book, flipping the pages with his eyes, and looking for the right passage.

Finally, the Mage found the words he was searching for, and started speaking in some ancient unholy tongue that even Cheondra couldn’t interpret a word of. At first, the Mage appeared to not even notice the party’s intrusion, so intent upon his task. At that moment, the undead victim came out of the crypt and appeared before the Mage, inexplicably walking about missing his heart like nothing had happened. It was a ghoul!

As the mage kept speaking skeletons started rising from their gaves. The skeletons understood their master’s wishes and confronted the adventurers menacingly. Of course, the first person they attacked was Braxus. It is a mystery why Braxus is always attacked first (Divine intervention shifty eyes). It is Dorn that looks the more powerful and dangerous of the party and as Iangold would say “Orc like”.

Iangold was not interested in talking to a wizard holding a hovering beating heart of a ghoul. He charged and attacked the wizard. As he was attacking the wizard he noticed a vile stench coming from the ghoul. The gould attacked him and put him in a daze. This allowed the wizard to step back and continue to speak in his unholy cantation. Iangold could only watch as black vines came out of the wizrds book and held him to the ground. As the black vines entered the ground bones and skulls started to rise to the surface of the ground causing everyone to rethink their steps. Iangold knew that he just needed to keep the ghoul and wizard busy until Braxus or Dorn was bale to circle around and help him take down this wizard.

Cheondra thought to himself ‘I hope Dorn doesn’t kill the wizard before I can question him about the orb.’ He was about to relay his thought when he was attacked from behind by a skeleton clawing at him. He countered with a stab from his longsword and then backed up to summon his spirit to help fight the mage. Cheondra feared he would be even more powerful than the woman they encountered in the mosh pit at the gladiator bout, when they were tested by Kranos. Or as powerful as “The Famous One” who had the birds circling him. Dorn turned to circle around and was met by two skeletons. He quickly took them down and turned to attack the wizard with hairtrigger, his crossbow.

Braxus had already made his path through the bone garden to reach the wizard. He was greeted with some black flames coming out of the wizards book, but that only made him angry. Like a lion stalking it’s prey Braxus tormented the wizrd until he was near death and then… a shout from Cheondra, “No. Not yet” when a single shot from hairtrigger hit the mage through the eye killing him instantly. Now I’ll never know what the message in the orb says, Cheondra thought to himself. Braxus dropped the mage and went to help Cheondra with the skeletons. He would have helped Iangold but if he could handle his girlfriend, Mortha Earthfriend, he could handle a little ghoul. Plus he was just healed by Cheondra’s sprit and Dorn was already there.

Iangold saw that it would only be a matter of time before Braxus and Cheondra took down the final skeletons still standing. So, not wanting to have Braxus kill every evil creature in the graveyard he turned to Dorn and said “set it to mulch!”. Then he pushed the powerful and ghastly ghoul into the path of Dorn’s slicing blades. Braxus had already taken down the skeletons and was using them as hand puppets when he walked up to Dorn and Iangold, “Who’s the Boss” one skull said, “Braxus is the Boss” the other skull answered. Then he noticed the horrid smell of the dead ghoul and stepped back thinking that Dorn smelled like a summer’s eve compared to that smell.

Iangold immediately checked the skulls on Braxus’s hands to see if any had gold teeth and quickly checked the remaining skulls on the ground. Braxus and Dorn checked the area for any more undead things that needed to become dead again but didn’t find any. Cheondra examined the mage to make sure he didn’t have any magical aura’s that could hurt anyone who tried to steal from him after death. They all met back at the mage and circled him. Cheondra said he was fine to check for gold and any thing of value. Iangold checked his pockets while Dorn did a more thorough search and both of them found a scroll that was imbued with a ritual. Braxus checked out the mages book and noticed that it had rituals and spells he said to the group. “I know these are rituals from seeing them at the temple but it’s written in elven. But none of us can perform rituals.” “I can.” Cheondra stated shifty eyes “I picked up a ritual book the last time we were in Artum.” Then Braxus replied calmly “YOU’VE BEEN ABLE TO CAST RITUALS THIS WHOLE TIME!!!” shifty eyes

Cheondra looked at one of the scrolls and said “What luck! This can bring back the spirit of the mage and if we perform it correctly we can get up to three questions answered” Cheondra took his time to get the ingreedients on the scroll needed to perform the ritual and told the other party members that he betted that the Sorceress they had just slain was the wife or lover of the Mage. That led to Braxus betting Dorn and Iangold, twenty gold pieces to ten, that the Mage was just a coincidence both Iangold and Dorn took the bet.

Cheondra then told the party that they needed a hot coal from a fire, a rare flower from the forest, and some bone dust. Braxus searched the forest and found such a flower and brought it to the crypt they were performing the ritual. Cheondra dragged the mage into position on the floor to ask the questions they had prepared. Dorn used his bare hands to bring in fiery hot coals in the middle of the room. Iangold was left with the bone dust task and was upset that he was left with such a repetitive and boring task, so he went out to prove himself the best bone dust maker. He grabbed a bone and started rubbing it against a rock vigorously until he had a pile of bone dust. Cheondra walked by and sayed “Missing Mortha are we?”

When they were ready to perform the ritual they had a pan of water that was heated by the hot coals underneath and the red and blue flower was floating in the water with bone dust on it. Then Cheondra started to speak in elven and from the bone dust a purple smoke came to fill the room like a fog making everything seem dimmer and as the party inhaled the fog they started to feel like they were transcending their mortal bodies into the spiritual plane. When the fog entered the body of the mage on the floor the mage’s eyes opened and he started to speek with the help of the fog. “Speak!” the mage said. Cheondra didn’t miss this opportunity wanting to take advantage of every moment, holding out the orb he said “Tell us about the message in the orb!” The mage responded “I have read this before, it’s message iludes me, I would have been able to find out more from it’s makers.” This time it was Dorn’s turn “Where was it made?” The mage replied “It was made in the Royal University of Traore.” Then Braxus went to ask his question, “What is your relationship with the drow sorceress?” The mage replied, “She was a powerful sorceress who I wish I had met but we had our seprate tasks from our master.” Iangold was getting ready to ask his question but the coals suddenly when cool and the purple smoke dissipated and flew back into the flower and light crept back into the room and the lifeless wizard returned.

The party decided to rest and recover just outside the graveyard. There wasn’t much reason to expedite their search to them it didn’t seem time sensitive…

Gold for Iangold?
The party looks for another way out.

All he wants is a little gold.

“It’s locked” Cheondra said pointing to the six locks that were currently sealing the door shut. Dorn quickly shot a bolt from hairtrigger at the locks on the door. The bolt bounced off the locks revealing a blue magical shield protecting all of the locks. Cheondra turned to Dorn and continued what he was saying “and it’s magically sealed.” That’s when Braxus took out his lock picting finger nail and started with the magical locks and Dorn started helping him by simultaneously using Braxus’s finger to pick the next lock. Iangold and Cheondra looked for another way to open the door but were not able to find any other mechanisms.

Braxus and Dorn had almost gotten all six of the locks unlocked when they all clicked back into place and the magic that was holding the lock recharged and got stronger. Cheondra then noticed that one of the locks was no longer encased in magic and pointed it out to Dorn. Half-orcs have only so much patience and their philosophy is that smashing is always a better solution that patients. Dorn pulverised the lock hoping to find a quicker way through this door but it only created a magical rift that came back to shock Braxus who still had his lock picking finger in one of the locks. Iangold was also finished with waiting and bull rushed the door and ended up cracking it down the hinged side. Dorn joined in second with a straight bull rush toward the door and knocked the door down causing the piece of the door that held the locks to fly into Braxus’s hands still glowing with the magiks that had been cast on it. Dorn went with the door like a sled down the staircase that was on the other side of the door. Iangold quickly threw down the dark stair case a sungod that allowed them to see that Dorn was alright and Dorn could see into the cavern. Braxus ran down with the piece of door in his hands and fixed a rope around it so that Dorn could wear it like a necklace. “A momento of your greatest victory, over DOOR” Braxus said and placed it around Dorns neck.

At that point Iangold and Cheondra had ented that large cavern with 16 foot high ceilings with natural four pillars holding it up. Then a giant arrow came out of the darkness and hit Dorn in his new necklace that immediately repelled such an intrusion. Dorn looked at Braxus as if to say “I like it!” Then braxus picked up the sunrod and threw it into the middle of the room revealing a drow and the four goliaths that had previously been behind them in the cavern. “I guess we forgot to tell you about the secret passage way!” The leader said. Then he turned to the drow woman and said “The speaker sends his regards and his tribute,” and then threw a large bag of gold at her feet. Iangold’s eyes widened with the amount of gold that was there. Then the drow sorceress opened a scroll above a glowing orb that was placed on a pedistal in the middle of the room. The scroll hovered over the orb and the drow started to levitate in the air and looked at the bag of gold and said to the goliaths "your payment has gone up by the death of these ‘friends of the Deve’ " That is when they all thought how did this drow know of their pact with the Deve that was done in secret or so they thought.

“The sunspeaker will hear of your treachery with the this ingoweth.” Cheondra shouted and the goliath replied “Who said that we would let you leave this place eladrin.” Another arrow flew at Dorn who deflected it with his fashioned necklace, he was begining to like it. But Dorn still didn’t like being shot at so he ran to the closest ones and yelled “So this is where you choose to die!” Braxus, Iangold, and Dorn all attacked the closest goliath and he was down after Dorns first strike in his twin strike, so Dorn used the rest of his energy to make it around the cave to kill the drow who had looked at him funny with his necklace on. Another goliath joined in with the Braxus and Iangold party but Braxus had other plans and left Iangold to find out the mysteries of this scroll that was causing shock waives and slowly drawing anything near it like the sunrod and gold pieces from the bag of gold. Which Iangold was all for Braxus saving the gold.

The levatating drow didn’t say anything but saw the opportunity to attack the only eladrin in the party and took it as a gift from her she god Lolth. The first attack was brutal and almost bloodied Cheondra if he didn’t make it to cover this was going to be a quick fight for him. Iangold noticing this went to place himself between the drow and eladrin. But this levatating drow didn’t care for a human her eyes were only for this eladrin that had entered her domain. Another shot at Cheondra got him as he rolled to safetey he was able to cast healing spirit on himself and knew that he had to stay out of sight so as not to use his only other healing spirit he had energy for.

Braxus was busy using all his mustard, if dragonborns have such a condiment, to remove the scroll from this orb but it would take more than strength to remove this scroll he needed Cheondras help more than with removing the magics holding the scroll, he was taking a beating from the orb’s shock waves it would send out and than pull anything closer to it. Dorn stayed in the shadows with hairtrigger ready unleash a fury of bolts at this drow and that is exactly what he did when he had the chance. The drow fired back making him imobalized but he didn’t need to move for his next attack that was going to take this drow down. Iangold was busy with two goliaths and new of the third that was hiding at the moment with a bow somewhere behind a pillar. But these goliaths were certainly not trained by any warrior better than his trainer and easily was able to deflect their blows with his foot work and grandfathers shield. Iangold quickly took the two down and went after the gold that was quickly disappearing into this magical orb. Dorn finished the drow and she came down from her levatation but the orb still working its magic so he went after the final goliath hiding in the shadows. Cheondra came out of hiding and healed Braxus with his final healing spirit and moved in to help remove this magic when the orb sucked in the sunrod and sroll from Braxuses fingers and he fell to the ground with a thump. Dorn finished that last goliath with a twin strike to the face. Braxus and Cheondra checked out the orb and drow while Dorn caught his breath from being in his rage. Iangold started counting the gold in the bag to see if it was evenly dividable between four people and if it wasn’t he would take a few gold pieces to make sure it was dividable, his fee for helping with this tedious task.

Alas, Iangold thought as the gold was equally dividable, 380gp each. He handed 380 gp to Dorn who took a seat on the side of one of the pillars in the room to calm himself after going into such a rage, finally being able to take down one of the ingoweth, drow. Iangold then handed Cheondra his 380 gp. Cheondra didn’t look up to accept the gold but was intently studying the magical orb in the middle of the room that had a light glow and was still drawing in dust from the floor. Braxus used his bracers that were still glowing to check out the walls to find any other way out of this dead end. As Iangold hands Braxus his 380 coins, Braxus tells him that a boulder in the corner is hollow and needs investigation.

Iangold, pocketing his 380 pieces, went dirrectly to the boulder and “investigated” the only way he knew how. He tried to move it to see what would happen. He almost had gotten it to move when a chunk of the rock fell to the ground and left an opening into the boulder. Braxus was getting further away so he lit a torch to see what was inside. It was clear this was a hiding place for the drow sorceress who had some clothing which he stored a pair in his backpack that would only fit Cheondra. A simple metal headband that would later be detected to be a Circlet of Authority that improves the wearers diplomatic and intimidation skills. Iangold look further and found a bag of…GOLD. “Nothing here” he yelled to Braxus who easily knew by the crack in Iangolds voice that he had found gold. “How much gold did you find?” he asked as if he had said ‘I found gold’. Iangold weighed it in his hand, “about 54 gold pieces each.” When Braxus recieved his cut, he focused on a crack in the wall that was the only thing he could find odd about these walls. He started with a fury of blows against the wall to weaken it and then used his dragonborn lightning breath to excavate the entrance to a tunnel.

Cheondra was busy studying the orb when all of this was going on and Dorn was watching from his seat by the pillar. Cheondra called upon the spirits to guide him into learning more about this orb. All he could get from what he could see was that the scrolls words were swirling inside the orb and this orb was bigger than most orbs but could still be put in a backpack if he could stop its magical energies from pulling everything into it. Everyone was their to assist him but his eyes were closed and then from the spirits he communicated with he said “pick it up Dorn.” Dorn picked up his axe and stood up when he noticed the orb fall to the ground as if it were a feather and when it landed on the ground it stopped pulsing and drawing things closer to it. Dorn used a leather cloth to scoop it up and put it in his backpack. Cheondra explained that this was a magical orb that was not meant to be the gravity orb it was made into. He also said that if they found a mage it would be possible to decode the message inside to reveal what the scroll had said.

Braxus was satisfied with what they had found in the room and lead the way into the tunnel that had been opened by him, Dorn followed, then Iangold, and Cheondra. It took about two hour of spelunking to reach the end of this cavern. Dorn let everyone know that he noticed the steps of the drow woman on the floor and that they were on the right track. Finally they ended at a fissure in the rock that led to the outside. Braxus used his coin tied to a silk string and threw it out into the open. Iangold noticed it and said “I’ll go first!” He walked out and looked up and realized he was in a grave. Then looked down and said to everyone “I thought I saw a gold piece on the floor around here”, but then climbed out of the grave and helped up Dorn and Cheondra. Braxus jumped out of the grave like a bat out of hell. They all looked around at the grave site they had walked into.

Then a black haired man in a blue robe started walking backwards out of a crypt in the graveyard. What luck Iangold thought, a wizard to help us with our orb puzzle. This must be some kind of wizard they all thought when they noticed hovering beating heart in his right hand with blood dripping on his hand as it beated. In his left hand was a book that was flipping pages magically as if some invisible creature was reading really fast. Then a ghoul came out of the crypt with a missing hole where it’s heart would have been. Then without noticing the adventurers the book’s pages started moving backwards and that’s when the skeletons started rising from their graves. Then the ghoul turned to look directly at Dorn, who was standing by Iangold, and with his long black tounge started to walk twards him. Dorn then pointed at Iangold as if to say ‘He tastes alot better.’ Then the skeletons started their attack!

Unusual Doors
The adventures face their toughest enemy, the doors

It made a quick slash at Cheondra in his trance by the fire, this was more of a warning than an attack. Then whatever it was ran back into the the forest to the north. Then the Eladrin woman, Lucaste, who they had talked to came through the forest “How dare you, you destroyers, you serpers!” Cheondra sensed an aggressive tone with this woman, then from some deep seeded Eladrin magic he new this creature shared no eladrin blood with him. So he replied in eladrin, “What of it, Birch.” Knowing now these where hamadryad, a tree people. She shed her Eladrin faced and replied “By sunrise you shall be dead.” Cheondra thought this would be a good time to wake up Braxus, Iangold, and Dorn, always the last to get up.

“Braxus, Iangold, Dorn” Cheondra yelled “wake the oak up” still taunting his former interest. Braxus was on his feat before Cheondra uttered the “B” in his name, only monks are this fast Dorn and Iangold thought. “Where are the Taters?” Iangold said as he got up, Cheondra pointed to the three hamadryads standing at the edge of the forest. Dorn didn’t wait to attack he just clenched his weapons and started running it was only by pure luck that he started running and attacking in the right direction.

Dorn was on his way to attack the one called Plum. Iangold took the one called Willow, and Braxus was on Lucaste like bark on a tree. Cheondra drew his longsword, “name”, a gift from Isen of Illenadelle, waiting for whatever it was that sought cover in the bushes to the north and used his totem to call his spirit companion to watch his back. It charged with the force of an avalanche at Cheondra but he was ready for it and laid a dazing blow with his weapon the the beast. Cheondras spirit companion started moving around the animal an attacking with all its might. After Dorns first strike on Plum he was placed in her trance and they moved further away from Cheondra and the others like dancing away. Iangold was able to put in a few more blows before he succumb to the trance of Willow and could not attack her for the life of him. Lucaste had the hardest time getting Braxus to surrender to her charms but was finally successful. When Braxus became so furious that he couldn’t attack under this spell he clapped his hands together and that is when he noticed a very loud “bling” when two diamond bracers clashed together and started glowing. He was more supprised than the hamadryad that had him intangled when they started to glow like a sunrod but not as bright it lit only 25 feet. That’s when he realized that this must have been a gift from the Deve and it wasn’t a dream he had, and that meant that the rest of the party will be able to confirm what he saw last night but first he had to take out this hamadryad but how when he was under this trance? That’s when a bolt from hairtrigger, Dorn’s crossbow, came hurdling toward him and he raised his new bracers to block the bolt but then the bolt ricocheted off the bracers and hit the hamadryad right in the chest.

Dorn was being dragged by Plum the hamadryad he had previously winked to. “I’m not that kind of half-orc!” he said. Then he saw something glowing in the distance and said “Good a glowing one, hairtrigger you’re needed!”

Willow was having difficulty dragging Iangold who for some reason woke up in full armor, it wasn’t the first time. Seeing Braxus light up the night before the dawn he took out a javalin and started throwing them at the hamadryad and the beast that was attacking Cheondra. Cheondra wasn’t woried about his party members he know that they could handle some wooden girls, especially Iangold. He used everything he had on this beast but it wouldn’t go down. Then he used his spirit companion to distract it while he rolled like a monk underneath animals trote and cut it open with all his might. Braxus was looking on this as he deflected another bolt from hairtrigger. “I tought him that!” as if to let the hamadryad know of his great accomplishment. Finally Cheondra was free of that vile creature to help the others free themselves of this curse of the forst dwellers. When Braxus was finally free he gave her some log chopping blows and then moved to help Iangold and then Dorn.

With the Hamadryad defeated they were free to talk about what had happened that night and the bracers that were proof of such an outrageous claim. Iangold was complaining that the dragon didn’t even leave him ONE gold piece when clearly he had more gold than the Seven Kings of Bailaodor! But still they didn’t know were to go to defeat these Ingoweth, or Dow. That is when Dorn took out the map and noticed new details that were not their before with a clear place that marked some kind of underground lair. Iangold started with “They better have a ship ton of gold in that lair!”

The party made its way to the underground lair it wasn’t very secret since it had an entrance with many pillars and a nice brick walk way to the entrance. When they were close enough to the door Dorn started sprinting and was going to implode the door when something he stepped on moved and the columns fell in unison leaving him under a pile of rubble. “Dorn!, Dorn!, Dorn!” everyone yelled. “I find” Dorn said “dey donet make ’em like day yousted.” Iangold responed “You certenly sound better when you get hit in the head by a 15 foot column!” Cheondra was quick to attend to his wounds but his head injury would take time to heal but Dorn would take no waiting when he was at the gate of battle, especially when it’s those Drow scum he was learning to love to hate. Iangold and Braxus helped him up to the door and Cheondra checked for more traps they may be on the door. When he was satisfied that the door was not trapped motioned to Iangold. Iangold turned the handle and pulled. It didn’t move he pulled harder and harder until he looked back at Braxuse who was on Dorns left and used his left had to make a pushing motion. Iangold pushed the door and it swung wide open into a down staircase. The staricase led to a hallway that ended at a wooden door. Cheondra checked for more traps and then motioned to Iangold to open the door. This time Iangold turned that handle and pushed. Nothing happened. Then he pulled and almost tore it off its hinges at is crashed into the wall. Braxus was quick to swoop into the darkness and when he was satified with the room being empty he activated his new bracers to light up the room.

It was a small dead end room that had four pillars in the middle and each pillar had a set of four levers on them. On the floor were nine dead Drow with arrow, sword, and axe marks. Dorn was really getting upset that someone had done his job for him. “Where da life unes!” he said grabbing his axe. Iangold started imediatley searching the bodies, “maybe they still have their gold with them!” But he was dissapointed and only found the arrows of Goliaths on their persons. Braxus looked for any signs that would tell him anything and could only find that some had been dragged to clear a way from the door they had entered to a crack in the wall. Cheondra told him that this crack was covered in magic and is probably a door of some kind. Iangold was thinking the gold is probably behind the door, so he told Cheondra and Braxus to watche the levers as he pulled the doors apart, because its obvious that you can’t push them together to open them. He pulled with a mighty strength and said “For Morthaaaaaa!” Then Braxus said “keep going some of them are moving and I think I’ve got it”. So, Iangold kept him self going the only way he could “For Gooooooold!” Braxus shouted “I’ve got you now!” and he flew across the room flipping levers until the final one had locked into place. The door opened with a grinding movment like stone against stone revealing a dark passage way.

Two arrows flew past Cheondra and hit Braxus and Iangold. Iangold noticed that these were the same goliath arrows as the sunspeakers daughter was using the time he had first met one of their people. “Stop shooting Dwarf Dumpers, we are aquantances of the sunspeaker who asked for our help!” They replied “we don’t need any fools help, but before you leave I will grant you audience with me if you know the sunspeaker.” This is when Braxus jumped down from the cealing of the dark room they were in and turned on his bracers again. Iangold walked in and wondered how can someone be that fast? Cheondra noticed that many of the goliaths were wounded and performed a light heal for the masses like the sunspeaker would do back home for them. “What message of you do you have from our sunspeaker, you look like no friends of ours.” the leader of this group of four goliaths said. The begged him to give them a moment to help their injured friend first and he allowed it. While Cheondra was pretending to heal him more and Braxus sinched up the cloths he had aplied to Dorns feet they discussed what to do. Iangold opened "Dorn spent all that time with the Sunspeaker he should know what to say. Braxus agreed and walked Dorn through what to say while he gave him some liquid courage of Parsnip. "All you ave to say is Two birds, one stone. That’s all you have to say.

Dorn walks up to the leader still delerious of his saroundings but knew that he wasn’t suppose to kill this guy because Braxus had taken his axes away. So he began to speak; “So you have a bush in the forest and the bush doesn’t move but then a bird moves out of it and flies, then another bird flies and you have two birds then you move the rock off the ground and you roll it to the bush really hard then the birds go to the bush and you get them.” Dorn looked very confident in his presentation skills. Then Braxus said “Kill two birds, with one stone” to the leader. The leader responded. “I know not what your blue lizard friend says but you make much sense like the sunspeaker. Continue forward adventurers? you will be a good trap finder for us but we keep the gold.” Braxus raised his hand right into Iangolds face who was about to curse unmentionables in the dwarven language at these goliaths. “I accept,” Braxus started and then was cut off by the goliath “then proceed through that door down there we have been having a hard time opening it.” “Have you tried to PUSH it” Iangold said smirkingly as he walked down the four steps to the door. Iangold pushes the door. Nothing happens.

Dragon or Dream
The party meets their first real dragon

The trek continued through the forest, without any thing vile bothering the party until…

They came across some ancient ruins that were covered in vines. Well there was just two columns in the middle of the forest of Deve. Both columns had ancient writings that none of the party were able to decipher. Cheondra was able to remember from his history classes that these where obelisks.

While they were taking a rest here they heard something in the bushes. Cheondra called out “Hello there” but there was no answer. There was something there but it wasn’t introducing itself so Braxus tried to get a better view by jumping and climbing on top of the pillars but he wasn’t able to see anything. Dorn sniffed the air but turned to Iangold with a confused look on his face. Iangold charged into the bushes to scare whatever it was out but it turned out to be Drakes that were not scared of Iangold. Two of them jumped and attacked Iangold and One jumped out in front of Dorn. Cheondra thought “Big mistake reptile” as Dorn was quickly to lay his axes on the creature. Braxus seeing the creature below jumped down and had a pile of drake meat for the barbecue that night. Cheondra somoned his spirit companion in the corner wear a lone drake hadn’t joined the party yet. Iangold was quick to take out the two infront of him with help from Braxus and Dorn. When those were done it was Iangold focused his attention to the finald drake.

When Iangold charged the final drake a beautiful white haired elf woman came out of the forest. Iangold missed the drake because he was two busy looking at the eye candy that was before him (later he would have to tell them not to mention this to his sweet heart Mortha Earthfriend back home). The drake didn’t attack and healed to this new woman who asked “What are you doing?” For that moment all the fighting stopped and it was Dorn who broke the silence, “Are we making new friends or are we continuing this onslaught?” The woman replied “Maybe.” Which confused Dorn and Iangold. Braxus and Cheondra then spoke to ask if she sent these creatures after them. She replied “they’re not my creatures.” Braxus retorted “They seem to yeild to you.” She stated to the party “many things yeild to me in this place.” That was Braxuses cue to ask about Deve and Devastrix. She was silent for a moment and then asked the party to follow her and the Drake retreated into the forest from whence it came.

They were taken to a clear pool where two other women were standing. One on the other side of the pool with golden hair and clearly eladrin. One to the left of her who was a gnome. The elf took her side next to the eladrin woman and wispered something into her ear. The Eladrin woman spoke “You have met my sister willow. I am Lucaste and this is my sister Plum.” Iangold notices imediatley that they are of different races so how can they possibly be sisters but he doesn’t say anything. Dorn starts in with the smooth talking and wants to take at least one of them on his good side. Cheondra is very interested in this new Eladrin that he has never met. Braxus only cares about knowing more about this Deve and is hoping that these “sisters” have the answers he is looking for. Finally the Lucaste spoke again “You have the scroll?” Braxus retorts “Yes, do you know Deve?” She replies “is that what you seek?” Braxus replies “Obviously.” They wisper amongst each other. The all look at Iangold and the eladrin says “And what is it you seek?” Iangold taking it at face value said “A ship ton of gold!” Plum response “An honest answer” as if to say Braxus had given an unhonest answer. Then they asked Dorn who said standing proud “To create a reputation.” Cheondra replied “To discover new ways to heal.” When the question came back to Braxus he finally answered honestly; “To find more information about dragonborns.” The wispered again amongst themselves. “If you wish to meet Deve, cast the scroll into the pool.” Braxus takes the scroll out of his bag and throws it into the pool without question. The scroll opens mid flight and falls into the pool the ink dissolved and then the paper disloved. Then Lucaste said “Very interesting. You will meet Deve by the pillars” That’s when turned and started to walk into the forest. Iangold was confused and said “What do you seek?” and she replied as she disappeared into the forest “I seek the will of my sisters.”

The party walked back to the pillars hoping to meet Deve but there was no one there so they made a fire an cooked some drake before heading off to bed. Just before they were ready to lie down on their bed roll the vines on the obelisks started growing and started squeezing the columns until they crumbled to the grown. A blue light filled the area and when it receided they were all in a stone room with a blue geode on the other end of the room with piles of gold in it. Then the adventurers noticed a blue dragon in the geode that started to move twards them. He talked slow and with an air of importance. “So it seems you are the ones who have answered my scroll. I was expecting more but you have shown you are capable of being of service to me.” He looks at them and starts with a dire tone, “This is my domain and it disturbs me that these ingoweth, or drow as the common say, they keep their trogladite slaves to mine these mind controlling rocks. But as of late they have been speeding up their efforts and enslaving others that do not wish to serve” he looks at Cheondra and changes his next words that he was going to say. “THAT she creature, I do not approve of their dark rituals in my territory. I would take care of this myself if it wasn’t so far underneath me. Of course I would pay you for your efforts. So will you form a Pact of Service with me?” The party talked quickly to each other not to be rude to the Deve and agreed to help him with this task. When the Deve got their approval he said “There is much more I wan’t to talk to you about young dragonborn.” Braxus told him about the book he had been shown by Lenny the Fat. “I would be interested in such a book. When you are finished with this quest I would hope you could return this book to me.” At this point he said “But that will have to wait until you complete your mission.” Then he took a deep breath and breathed a blue lightning breath on all of them.

It was like a shock that put them to sleep and they woke up in their bed rolls with the sun just rising above the tree tops. For some reason they felt extra refreshed from their sleep then they usually do. Then as they were getting ready to start their morning routine they hear in the forest to the east. “Aaaahhhhhaaaaaa!!!!” Cheondra was standing in his trance when it attacked him from the forest!

Return to Cranos
The adventurers escort the prisoners back to Cranos

The adventurers walked the dwarves back to their town to rest before they go back to the city to meet with Cranos. They had alot of questions but the town folks just didn’t have the strength to answer them yet. When they got back to the town they searched for any clues that they could find but they were unable to find anything linking to a deve or anything else that was useful.

The next morning Cheondra and Dorn went out to find some crazy lizard-ostridge that would pull a cart full of town folks while they head back to the city. Dorn took the direct aproach, which he usually does, and ran right after the beast. Cheandra used his keen sense of nature to confuse the creature into running into a tree. When they got the animals hitched up it was time to leave and the town folks where very happy to leave their old life behind.

While traveling the adventurer’s came across many challenges in keeping the town folks calm while traveling. Also, having to deal with animals pulling a cart that would very rarely listen to Dorn or Cheondra. Iangold was having his own problems with having to play escort to these dwarves and having to go back to Cranos with more questions than answers. Braxus was very much a monk and didn’t talk unless he had clearly thought out his question to either one of the other adventurers or one of the town folks.

The Adventurers came to town where many of the city merchants shouted “For Glory” and Iangold would shout back the same in dwarven. They stopped first at the temple to have the dwarves taken care of until they could ask Cranos for a place to have them live in the city. Then they immediately headed to Cranos who had already heard from the Crimson Guard that they were in town. They told Cranos about what they had found so far but did not mention about the magical scroll or this Deve that had sent it. They just told him that they needed more information from a person who they had herd of on their travels.

After they rested they headed out into the town to find out more about this Deve and the magical scroll. Cheondra headed to the healers of the town to tell the new residents where a inn is available for them to stay until they get back on their feet. He learns that the main dwarfs name is Baraus who is the sheriff of the mining town and is now able to fully communicate with Cheondra about what happened. He explained that these drow came out of no where and took them away to mine that mine they where in and where under some sort of mind control from the black rocks. He also explained that when you ground down the rocks they turned into a white powder. Cheondra looked for the local alchemist to help him in his pursuit to find out more about this white powder but the one in town didn’t want to share any information with an eladrin “high elf.”

Iangold and Braxus hit the cities side streets to find out more and see if they could find any old books that have anything to say about Deve or Darastrix. They learn that there is such a book and that it is held by a skinny, sharp teethed shifter with choppy side burns called Lenny the Fat who usually hangs out at the Lucky Ghoul Tavern. Braxus makes his way to the Lucky Ghoul, becaus it was acrous the street from where they had learned this information. He took a seat right next to Lenny the Fat with out him even knowing he had sat down. Lenny was more interested in him than anything and that’s why he allowed his intrusion of normal business. As Braxus licked his eye he asked him if he knew of a book about Darastrix and Deve. Lenny sent for one of his lackeys that returned with an old book and said “information around here costs money, usually 100 gold pieces is the going rate for new information.” Braxus throws on the table a pouch of 150 gold pieces and says “I’m looking for the right information.” Lenny smiled with his sharp teeth showing and said “I like the way you do business, I could offer you a high paying position in the future.” He opened up the book to show Braxus that Darastrix refered to dragons of old and mentions Deve as a blue dragon but it is unclear if this is one particular dragon or just a name given to all blue dragons. Then Lenny turns to Braxus and says “this is what I’m interested in my funny looking friend,” and points out a passage about dragonborns and Braxus makes the connection for the first time in his life of his origins. “Get me more information about creatures like this,” knowing that he is speaking directly to one,“and I’ll give you this book with my blessing.” The shifter winked letting Braxus know that blessing meant alot of gold for him.

Dorn was not welcomed in Moriten’s temple to talk to the dwarves that were still regaining their health but Dorn is a silver tounged half-orc. He talked himself into spending time helping out and became friends with the ladies of the convent who considered him a lost soul. One of the ladies who wanted to sneak out for a night on the town told him that the Deve as a location east of Lorrelle, the dwarven town they had come across.

The Heroes came together with the information they had found and decided to leave for this dangerous place called Deve which they believed could hold the answers of this magical scroll they had come across in the mine calling for an audience with them.

The Voice in the Cave
Hearing a voice from a scroll starts a new search.

Words spin and swirl and coalesce in to a dark blue toothy mouth. As begins to speak, it’s as if all other sounds have been muffled out, even those of your comrades-in-arms. All you hear is the booming voice contained in the scroll. Its magic renders you unable – or unwilling- to speak until the message is complete. In Common, the voice booms in to your minds:

“Brave souls… if you have received this simple message you are wiser, or at least mightier, than those you have no doubt vanquished to reach it. The slimy sniveling whelps you have defeated are abhorrent representatives of their kind. For their insufficiencies I must apologize, for the sake of all those who share and claim the iejir darastrix.

(As these strange words are spoken, something stirs in Braxus’ gut – he cannot identify the feeling, nor the language)

Alas, my kin, or lack thereof, is why I speak to you now in such a crude manner. It seems these malai keefum, troglodytes, as you would crudely call them, believe an untruth, a lie, a misleading they were allowed to believe by the ingoeth, those drow you must surely be tracking. There has been a grave misrepresentation of my role in these matters. You see, these malai believe me to be their patron, a wise father-god who advises the ingoeth on the best use of the whelps to reach my goals. But these machinations and schemes of the ingoeth, the drow, are not my doing. I know not whose bidding they act upon. Perhaps it is the she-god, the whisperer and spinner and weaver of lies. The she-god is cunning but her name has not been spoken.

(Cheondra notices the apparent mention of Lolth, dark goddess of shadow, lies, and spiders – enemy of his god Corellon and his people, the eladrin)

Be it a she-god or some other force guiding them, it is an affront that the brutal and simple ways of these ingoeth should be attributed to Deve! They have been a mere nuisance until now. Now, these drow, and especially their malai whelps have grown not to be a threat, for none could truly threaten the darastrix – but they have become a distraction I would very much like to have lesser beings take care of. This is where you come in. I know not who you are, truly, even why you are here, but it seems the defeat of these troglodytes has brought us in to an alignment of sorts, for a time. I would much like to visit with you at my estate. You will be richly rewarded for heeding this call. I cannot say what may befall if my generous invitation were to be ignored or refused.

Heed the call of Deve, and relieve this domain of the nuisance – ingoeth. The captives should have all you need to locate my estate, if you are truly the souls I expect. Heed the call of Deve, brave ones. I leave you to finish your paltry task with the captives, and then, your presence I request.”

Rock or Lobster
Now we're getting somewhere?

The halfling looked up in fear to a spider-guts wearing half-orc. Iangold wondered what he was thinking in that tiny little head of his. Braxus stood waiting as if he had already said what he wanted to say. Cheandra looked for any cuts and bruises that may need healing.

“Do you feel like telling us what we want to know, or do you want to be like this spider,” Dorn wipes off some spider-guts from his hands. The halfling looked behind him to only see the shell of his giant spider. “I’ll tell you what you want to know, as much as I can!” the halfling said. “Gault, is my name and I’m just a forest hermit.” After an hour or so of talking and trying to get the reason for him selling spider poisons and spiders to the local drow the learn that he really is just a business man and not part of any mischievous plot. Still Dorn wanted to kill him. He tells the adventurers of a mine far from the town they had visited and helped them find it on their map that they had originally had gotten from the drow prisoner.

They spent their time through the forest taking short cuts when they could to get to this mine. Finally when they got there it was far off when Cheondra notice that the mountain looked like it was moving. Not moving from the ground just the rocks on the mountain where moving. When they got to the entrance of the cave they found out that there was moving rock-lobsters. They moved like ants on an ant hill on this mountain and where covering and inside this cave. Iangold tried to use fire to get them to move but they were to busy to notice the fire unless it was actually burning through their thick exo-skeleton.

Dorn just started walking into the cave like what are a whole bunch of rock-lobsters going to do to me. Iangold said “wait up,” and Braxus and Cheondra followed. The creatures where to busy to notice them traveling through the cave until they came to a door where two rock-lobsters where sitting like guards. Obviously they couldn’t make doors so these had been trained as guard dogs for anyone brave enough to travel through. Iangold was quickly subdued from the venom of these creatures that slowed him to a stand still. This was fine because Braxus and Dorn moved about the cave as if it was filled with ice. Dorn stayed on the closest one and kept hacking at it with his axe and let the others come to hime. Braxus kept hitting one and then seeing another one attack him he would run and attack that one. Cheondra just stayed in that back and had his spirit companion do the fighting for him. After killing the larger of the creatures they where left to go through the door ahead.

A cavern with an underground lake was behind the door with none of the rock-lobsters in this room. A trogladite by the underground pool didn’t notice them enter the room. It was trying, with a long spear, to spear a fish in the water. There was no other trogladites in sight. Iangold just stood still to see what the others would do. Both Braxus and Dorn stealthely got behind him. That’s when Braxus demanded his service to him. He called two of his friends from across the pool and they started in sprint to the other side. That’s when Dorn struck him with an axe, maiming him for Braxus to finish off and started for the ones across the pool that were heading his way. Cheondra summoned his spirit right above the trogladite and started attacking it right in the water. Braxus did finish of the trogladite who didn’t swear his undying allegiance to him. The onther trogladites never made it to the other side of the pool thanks to Dorn.

In the chamber there where two cages of dwarves from the town that where being kept there. One had male dwarves and the other had female dwarves. Iangold gave them some trail rations but they were to weak to talk. They looked around the cavern and found nothing but then Braxus found a box in the water that contained a scroll. They tried for hours to find a way to open it but it seamed magically sealed from what Cheondra could see from the device that held the scroll.

They decided to wait there until the dwarves had enough strength to leave. But they were all awakened in the night by a mysterious voice.

Follow the Leads
The party follows the information they are given.


The party follows a relaxed Jordaine, who was hired by Cranos to lead them to the city, he traveled with two crimson guards and two of his merchants that had a pony and a cart to carry everyones things up to a point were the forest got thick. Jordaine said it would only be a two day trip to the city and had other things to attend to and left the party to find their own way. The party took their time manly because Iangold had to stop and clear his armor of the underbrush that would get caught in between it. Braxus being an adjile monk would just move with the wind between the underbrush and was excellent at climbing and jumping from limb to limb. Cheondra would just see a point in the distance and Fey Step their and just wait for Iangold to get through just to say “What took you so long?” Dorn living in the forest most of his life was not slowed by the underbrush.

When they got to the city they found it empty as a ghost town but still aproached with caution. They were met with four dark elf’s that were not welcoming. Braxus and Dorn climbing on a roof were able to stop the efforts of a sniper while Iangold and Cheondra played the bait in the main courtyard of the town. Cheondra summoned his spirit companion right next to one of the dark elfs and ended up scaring him so much that after Iangold got a second swing on the dark elf he or she ran to the hills. Another stayed to face the steel clad bush but Iangold quickly made fast work of the dark elf. After Dorn had taken care of the sniper, Braxus jumped of the roof as only Braxus could and stoped one Dark Elf for questioning.

When the Dark Elf was tied up to a chair in an empty kitchen Dorn woke her up. She immediately started biting her cheek and that’s when Braxus jumped in to remove the ball of poison in her mouth to silence her for good. She must have notice that she had been thoroughly searched because when she looked for her weapons they were gone. That’s when Dorn stepped up and did what he does best and scared the color out of her dark skin. She was willing to give up just enough information as long as there was still hope that she could get free and use her weapons just a few feet away to kill these adventurer’s. She gave away a spot she believed she was sent, to find a “small one.” Also another spot on the map after Iangold was fed up with her not answering a hundred questions. Cheondra was the only one who could speak Elven and translated everything to make sure she understood what they were saying and trying to be kind about it.

After it was sure that they would get no more information from her she was left with Braxus. Iangold, Dorn, and Cheondra went outside to argue. Iangold wanted to let her choose death by giving back her weapons and seeing if she would choose to fight or leave, one had already gotten away so another would not arouse anymor suspicions. Dorn wanted her dead because obviously she had meant to kill them and was not fight for any good he had seen. While they were arguing Braxus walked by and said in a low voice “She killed herself.” Dorn and Iangold turned an said “What?” Braxus said “the wind flew through my fingers and the poison ball fell in her mouth and she bit down on it really hard!” Dorn was happy with this because she was dead and Iangold was pleased with the poetic justice of it.

They stayed one night in the town and only found only a cart outside the town gate that was loaded with mining and blacksmith equipment. The party then started their journey to the first mark on the map. When they got to that part of the forest it seemed that this was the thickest part of the woods. A voice came from the underbrush “who goes their?”

The party heard from the dark elf, they had captured, that there was a “small one” who knew some thing about spiders in which they wanted “more of,” this is what the note said. The party tried to be friendly, but being a motley crew it’s really hard to get on the good side of strangers. So, the halfling called on his spider friends to try and stop them. Dorn quickly made his blades useful against the halfling, slowing his escape. Braxus was already trying to sneak around the underbrush when he was met by a swarm of spiders. Iangold also charged in to stop the halfling but stoped when he was met with a spider web and made a swipe that mised the halfling. Cheondra stayed back and used his spirit to block the swarm of spiders and to attack them as much as it could. He also spent his time moving around to help his comrades. He did take a double take and laugh at Iangold when he went around the spider webs and then screem like a little girl when the spider swarm tried to get into his armor. Emphasist on tried they didn’t even get close to his skin. There was also a Large Spider that Dron quickly took his axe to but it ended up spraying Dorn and Braxus with spider guts and when that happened the swarm of spiders ran away. That’s when Dorn turned to Iangold and said “It’s time to wake up the Halfling!”

Choosing Sides
Which city will the adventurers go to first?

Kranos gave a message out to the town that the Heroes of Parsnip had defeated the “Elven Witch of the West.” Now when one of the adventurers pass by a crowd a dwarf in the crowd will shout “For Glory” in dwarven, because they killed the witch with the “Glory or Death” sentence. If the group is together in the tavern they’ll shout “The Glorious Four” in dwarven and the crowd would erupt in cheers. Iangold will then sout “For Glory” in dwarven and the tavern will cheer again and another free ale passes in front of Iangold, Cheondra, and Dorn. Braxus has the serving wench bring him water in his stein.

The adventurer’s were able to talk the three leaders to give them time to prepare for the journey ahead and to make the decision to choose who to help first.

Braxus spent most his time with the crimson guards leader having chi tea in the morning and teaching Tai Chi in the afternoon to those dwarves willing to endure the training of the Lizard man.

Cheondra helped Isen with determining certain herbs to help find new ways to mix potions. Isen was very impressed by Cheondra’s abilities in medicines and arcane magic.

Dorn spent most of his time in the tavern, no one was suprised except for the fact he was with the Sunspeaker. They talked about how the sun rises and sets. They also talked about how the moon takes the place of the sun at night.

Iangold, realizing that Kranos had the deepest pockets, was willing to help Kranos with any tasks that he was capable of helping him with. Even taking a position at the east gate to help with the injured guards from Braxus’s training.


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