Legends of Peresh

The Adventure Begins
A party to remember.

The adventure begins, with a party for our new heroes of parsnip. After much Ale had disapeared and no one could remember how many speeches had been toasted to. A mysterious dwarf with an entarage of well armed guards approach the town of parsnip. They stop right by the statue of Braxus, Iangold, Cheondra, and Dorn. The heroes walk or wobble in Iangolds case to the front of the table to notice that an Eladrin is with this group of dwarves and is quickly to hop off his horse and help a well dressed dwarf off of his horse. “Heroes” the well dressed dwarf said. “Heroes of the town, may I seek you council?” This is when the Mayor of Parsnip recognizing this to be the King of Artum greeted the King and asked him and his men to enter the finest establishment in Parsnip, the Blue Lass. No one told him that it was the only establishment in Parsnip. There our heroes would learn that his name was Kranos and the Eladrin was Isen. They had come seeking adventurers who could help them with the disappearance of two cities. The heroes agreed to this adventure and went off the next morning.

While traveling the the dwarven town they were headed they would meet a Goliath girl named Natius who ended up being the grand daughter of the Sunspeaker, the high shaman of their cohort. The adventurers where not greeted with any welcome they knew, but they didn’t get into a fight and Cheondra got a cool potion, so he can’t be all bad right?

When the heroes got to the town they were told that everything would begin tomorrow and they were given the day to walk the town. Where Braxus met his first Succubus, I mean woman. Dorn also enjoyed the food that was provided in town as well as it’s cheese imports.

The next day everyone was told to get ready when Kem, the halfling servant of Kranos, told them to walk this way and that way until they were in a room that was small and they heard cheering outside. This is when the adventurers realized that they were not about to embark on a quest but were about to be tested.

Well the fight was difficult but the heroes were victorious? Well, they realeased a Fire Elemental from a Elvin Sorceress named Carmela. Who was given the death sentence of “Glory or Death” in which she had to fight in the Arena until she died because of her crimes on dwarvenkind. But instead of killing her, our heroes helped her release a Fire Elemental that was using her as a host. I beleive the words from Iangold were, “Ah guys, I think we just released a Fire Elemental. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop until we are dead. ever.” But, Kranos was happy with their ability to not die that day and gave them the job of helping him.

Then the Sunspeaker shows up and says that his groups of his cohort have gone missing and he needs the help of the heroes. So, Kranos needs their help, Isen needs their help, and the Sunspeaker needs their help…Looks like a big pickle for our adventurers.

Prologue, part three
Town, Tavern, and a Cave

Bugbear and Iangold

We join our adventurers inside the city of Parsnip…

Iangold starts up conversation with the leaders in the Blue Lass Tavern when he inadvertently stumbled on making fun of short people and how they can’t ask for a “High Five.” He then quickly recovers by his knowledge of the dwarven city and what has happened through the years and how the town folks have never had this much trouble with the current battles. The Dwarves at the table knew that he was a good man, especially since he let the Blue Lass Waitress Mortha, who he is courting, talk down to him and make more fun of him than he made of the Dwarves at the table. Then one of the Dwarfs said he should teach him some sword moves. Iangold had a great idea of starting a class to teach the town folk how to protect themselves with a sword and a shield he also hired Fred a local hero who had recently opened the Quiver’s and Quills store that sold archery and cross bow armament. business started booming and he had, as he said, “all the dwarfs cutting their own grass!”

Cheondra using his knowledge of nature to search the areas of the first two battles of our adventurers. He looked for any clues he could find that would give him any information on where these villians had come from and what lies ahead. He was able to assertain that a larger creature that he currently had faced is on the loose. Cheondra with his keen, unbelievable and crazy perception discovered a large foot print and white powder that seemed to come from the foot of the western mountain caverns. He then went back to the twn to report what he had found to his fellow adventurers who quickly took a chair for the brief sermon of what he found. After he had been very detailed and descriptive in his story he started to assist those who have been injured or burned when the Skinny Wench was burned down because these where mostly leaders of the town he started to gain favor over the towns folk. Which they were suspicious of the pointy eared stranger who has a warped sense of humor but now most of the town folks have talked about him and the other TALL people that they found him to be a good hearted Eladrin even with his unhairy face. (He also has gotten everyone in the Blue Lass to shout “Dorn!” when Dorn comes through the door)



When everyone had finally come together at the Blue Lass they head out to the Cavern that Cheondra had talked about finding. They decided to make a sneak attack that wasn’t very sneaky since Iangold went first into the cave only to be welcomed by a feirce patron of the cave they exchanged blows. Then Braxus came rushing in like the wind to help Iangold only to have the white powder fly into his face blinding him and was only able to fling his weapons in the direction of the villian. Then a giant Bugbear came out of a tunnel and started beating on Braxus. Dorn quickly pined an enemy against the cavern wall to protect Cheondra from it’s fierce blows. Cheondra started shooting arrows from behind Iangold and Iangold wips his shield around to use both hands to thrust his sword twards the bugbear and make a lasting gash. While Braxus had shifted behind the bugbear to make the finishing blow.

Prologue, part two
introduction to bugbears

We rejoin our heroes, alerted by their captive that the town of Parsnip was likely in danger. The prisoner was then killed, trying to escape.

As we neared Parsnip we found confirmation that the danger was real when the more observant members of our band spotted tracks, which were found to be made by bugbears, and pointed in the direction of town. We immediately picked up the pace, some of us with the grace of the wind, and some of us with the noise of a metalworks rolling downhill. When we reached town we found the gate strangely unguarded, but no signs of bloody struggle either. Continuing on to the market we finally spied some signs of life, a few merchants that turned tail and ran at the sight of us, but still no sign of any goblins, regular or super-sized.

When we had passed through the market we reached the town hall and it became apparent that this where many of the citizens had decided to hole up and wait out the danger. Using unflappable logic we managed to convince them that we were in fact, not goblinoid. We even managed to talk them into providing some cover fire with the towns three crossbows, wielded by their two best markswomen, Megatra and Priscilla, and also a chap named Fred. Our conversation was interrupted by the sounds of mayhem from behind the building and we leaped into action.

Coming around the building we found the source of all this disturbance, four bugbears in the street ahead, one of them lighting fire to the Skinny Wench, which although not our preferred drinking establishment, obviously had people inside, and given the usual clientele, probably some important people as far as parsnip reckons things.

The skirmish was fierce and violent, Braxus was first into the fray, opening the gate of battle on the nearest bugbear, only to be thanked with a mace to the face. It quickly became apparent that the bugbears had some friends when goblin archers began firing from nearby rooftops. Cheondra called forth his spirit ally and they moved to join the battle, one of the bug bears managed to get his hands around Cheondra’s throat, but he quickly teleported to safety, leaving the bugbear empty handed with and Iangold ready to join the mix. Dorn joined in heartily, calling on the spirit of the panther and laying into the bugbears with rage.

Things weren’t looking to good for us, after Cheondra’s spirit ally had helped Braxus recovered, the goblin archers put him right back down. The same spirit ally lashed out in desperation and took down Iangold in his fury, Dorn lingered on the razor’s edge of consciousness himself. Our own ranged support was not proving the difference maker, until Fred took his turn and wowed us all, finishing off one of the bugbears with what might have been the greatest shot any of us had seen. It still looked as though time might not be on our side. Dorn, bleeding heavily exerted the rest of his rage and charged into and through the burning wall of the Skinny Wench and skidding to an unconscious halt on the floor inside. Iangold took up position outside the impromptu orc-shaped door, shield held resolutely, covering the escape of those trapped within, waiting til they were out before dragging Dorn back out by his ankle. Cheondra rallied the citizens to retreat while Braxus ran interference with a flurry of blows. Meanwhile, it seemed the locals had decided to just keep a loaded crossbow in Fred’s hands so he could pick off the remaining threats.

Panting in recovery, we were approached by the mayor, who informed us that this was an alarming change of behavior for the goblins, and that the town would remain in danger unless someone or someones brave enough to trace the threat down could be found.

Indeed, it looked like we had a spot of work ahead of us.

Prologue part one
of lunch, dogs, and dramatic cliffhangers

Our story begins in the Dwarven town of Parsnip. Having crossed paths in the quaint community, we four, sharing the common bond of not being Dwarven ourselves ended up drinking together of an evening at the Blue Lass, finest of Parsnip’s drinking establishments. One afternoon our lunch was interrupted by a much a feared and wild eyed farmer, ranting about wild dogs and the need for those capable of doing something to get to it. Apparently, thats about as much as his courage could take before he ran back out the door again. The party, having been looking for just this sort of adventure hook, decided to follow and see what all the fuss was about.

At the crossroads outside of town we encountered a pack of painted heyenas, the sort of which you usually see as part of a Gnoll warband. Curiously, no gnolls were present, but little time was left for pondering the mystery, as the Heyenas were quite keen to attack. being pack animals, they attempted to swarm their targets, jumping and thrashing just out of reach and darting in for attacks. They took particular offense to Dorn, as it would seem they don’t appreciate battle crazed Half Orcs laying about them with axes. He managed to scrape through it, and it helped that between us we struck them several sound blows. When the dust and fur was settled we found that it had been too late, nearby was the body of the farmer who had interrupted lunch. However, we also found a good enough leaving of tracks leading back to a nearby wood.

After a brief lecture from Cheondra about the organizational structure of Gnoll tribes, we had at least managed to puzzle out that he was saying there should definitely be Gnolls nearby, so we should be on the lookout. And a good thing we kept such a watch while we followed the trail, just as we crested an old stone bridge we found a surprise waiting for us. Goblins

We could make out in the distance a very murdered Gnoll packmaster, explaining the heyenas running loose. And closer to use, no fewer than six goblins, explaining the dead Gnoll. The ensuing skirmish was hectic, as it often is when dealing with Goblins. Iangold stood resolute despite and welcomed their attempt to gang up on him, meeting the majority of their attacks stoutly with his shield. Braxus went all kung fu on the goblins, showing off his spinning leopard manuver, unfortunately the goblins responded by knocking him out. Luckily they were soundly beaten back. One of them escaped, and we managed to capture a second. If theres one thing every adventurer knows, it’s that scared goblins like to talk, and this one certainly did. The more he talked, the more it became clear that the town of Parsnip was under attack, and here we were, out in the woods…

to be continued…


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