Iangold Wolfswift

Human Fighter (Weaponmaster)


“You know potatoes, PO-TA-TOES?, Boil ’em, Mash ’em, stick ’em in a stew.”

Male Human Fighter (Weaponmaster) • Level 5 (XP 5500)
Initiative + 2; Senses Normal vision; Passive Insight 12, Passive Perception 12
HP 60; Bloodied 30; Healing Surge 19; Surges Per Day 12
AC 23; Fort 21, Ref 16, Will 14
Resist None
Immune None
Vulnerable None
Speed 5
Action Points 1

Basic Melee Attack (standard; at-will) ✦ Luckblade Longsword
+ 12 vs AC; 1d8 + 6 damage.
Basic Ranged Weapon (action type; at-will) ✦ Javelin
Range 10/20; + 10 vs AC; 1d6 + 5 damage.
Shield Feint (standard; at-will) ✦ Martial, Weapon
+ 12 vs AC; Hit 1d8 + 6 damage, and you gain a + 3 power bonus to your next attack roll against the target before the end of your next turn.
Tide of Iron (standard; at-will) ✦ Martial, Weapon
+ 12 vs AC; Hit 1d8 + 6 damage, and you can push the target 1 square if it is no larger than one size category larger than you. You can then shift 1 square into the space that the target left.
Combat Challenge (immediate interrupt; martial, weapon) ✦ At-Will
Effect Whenever an enemy marked by you is adjacent to you and shifts or makes an attack that does not include you as a target, you can make a melee basic attack against that enemy.
Bull Rush (standard) ✦ At-Will
+ 7 vs Fort; Hit You push the target 1 square and then shift 1 square into the space it left.
Grab (standard) ✦ At-Will
+ 7 vs Ref; Hit You grab the target until the end of your next turn. You can move up to half your speed and take the target with you while the target is grabbed. You can end the grab as a free action. Sustain Minor The grab persists until the end of your next turn.
Shield Riposte (immediate reaction; encounter) ✦ Martial
+ 10 vs Fort; Trigger An enemy adjacent to you hits or misses you or an ally with a melee attack. Hit 1d10 + 5 damage, and you push the target 1 square. You then shift 2 squares to a square adjacent to the target.
Shield Edge Block (immediate interrupt; encounter) ✦ Martial
+ 9 vs Fort; Trigger An enemy adjacent to you hits or misses you with a close or a melee attack. Effect The target takes a -4 penalty to the attack roll. Hit 2d6 + 5 damage.
Noble Presence (move; encounter) ✦ Martial
Close burst 3 Target One or two allies in the burst. Effect Each target can shift up to 2 squares as a free action, and each target gains a +2 power bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.
Minor Resurgence (minor; encounter) ✦ Martial
Requirement You must be bloodied. Effect You gain 5 temporary hit points.
Second Wind (standard) Encounter ✦ Martial
Effect You spend a healing surge to regain hit points, and gain a + 2 bonus to all defenses until the start of your next turn.
Comeback Strike (standard; daily) ✦ Healing, Martial, Reliable, Weapon
+ 12 vs AC; Hit 2d8 + 6 damage, and you can spend a healing surge.
Crack the Shell (standard; daily) ✦ Martial, Reliable, Weapon
+ 12 vs AC; Hit 2d8 + 6 damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 damage and a -2 penalty to AC (save ends both).
Luckblade Longsword (free; daily) ✦ Chance
Trigger You make an attack roll with this weapon and don’t like the result. Effect Reroll the triggering attack roll and use the second result, even if it’s lower.
Dwarven Plate Armor (free; daily) ✦ Healing
Power You regain hit poits as if you had spent a healing surge.
Cloak of Resistance (minor; daily) ✦ Resist
Power Gain resist 5 to all damage until the start of your next turn.
Battleforged Shield (free; daily) ✦ Healing
Power Use this power when an ally adjacent to you regains hit points. That ally regains additional hit points as though it had spent a healing surge.
Class or Racial Ability
Heroic Effort (no action; encounter) ✦ Human
Trigger You miss with an attack or fail a saving throw. Effect You gain a +4 racial bonus to the attack roll or the saving throw.

Age: 28; Height: 6"1’; Weight: 217; Size: Medium
Alignment Good; Deity: Avandra; Languages Common, Dwarven
Str 20 ( 7) Dex 10 ( 2) Wis 11 ( 2)
Con 16 ( 5) Int 10 ( 2) Cha 10 ( 2)
Skills Athletics 10, Endurance 11, Intimidate 7, Streetwise 7
Feats: Toughness, Swift Recovery, Weapon Focus(longsword)
Gear 2 javelins, longsword, heavy shield, Dwarven plate armor( + 1), adventure’s kit ( bedroll, flint steel, belt pouch, trail rations(10 days), rope(50 ft), sunrods(2), waterskin.), potion of healing(3); 50 gold; total encumbrance 106 lbs.


Iangold Wolfswift is the son of Lord Wolfswift in the upper realm and the grandson of the great Knight Wolfswift of the unknown kingdom of the upper realm. During the War of the upper realm Lord Wolfswift sent his wife and their unborn son (Iangold) on an arc to Peresh to find a new life. Lord Wolfswift sent his best farmer of potatoes with them to teach his son how to farm the new land in Peresh. Iangold has never met his father but waits for the day his father will follow him to Peresh or an arc would come to bring him to the Northern Realm.

He spends his day’s in the potato fields teaching the human & dwarven colonies how to produce better crops along with his own crops. All of his profits of Gold go to his Mother or the local tavern. He has his Grandfather’s sword and shield that he keeps sharp to protect his crops against the wild wolfs and bores that would dig up his potato crops. He currently is courting the local dwarven lass Moertha Earthfriend.

“Same Team!”
“Does a 19 work for you?”
“He’s not a baby seal?”
“The Glorious Four, Four Glory”

Magic Items
Loot Tracker

Iangold’s Manor

Name: Iangold Wolfswift
Class: Fighter (Weapon Master)
Race: Human
Age: 28

Are your parents still alive? My Mother lives in Parsnip in the Ziln Manor, my father is living in a far off continent because he is the Lord of an area of land that he could not leave when His wife and soon to be born son left on an arc to a new colony.
If one or both of your parents are dead when and how did they die?

Who raised you? My mother raised be but she also had a human servant that was 53 at the time of his birth that taught him about farming, education, honor, charity, and chivalry of Nobleman.

Do you have any siblings? Iangold is a single child and is accustom to not sharing even though he was taught it. He may have had an older brother that stayed back with his father but if he did his mother does not speak of him.

Have any of them died? If any siblings have died how did they die? N/A

What do your living siblings do? If he had a living older brother he would have had to assist in the ongoing war in the far off land that him and his mother were escaping.

Is your character married, or have they ever been? Iangold does not believe in marriage, he is most faithful to Mortha of Parsnip because he has known her since they were teenagers and she would take her fathers Great Hammer to any woman that tried to get to close to Iangold.

Does your character have children? No. Iangold is not interested in children, he was raised to be the best potato farmer in the world and has no time for children he also wishes to be a Noble fighter like his father and grandfather before him but with no human kingdoms to support he must choose his battles.

What social class is your character from? Iangold was brought in to this world with a silver spoon in his mouth being the son of a Lord. The human colony that was settled when they landed was represented by his mother and had been on the circle of Nobles for deciding litigation’s for the town, and has since retired but still receives a retirement from the town as well as 40% of Iangold’s earning from his potatoes crop each year, which see never really spends.

How has their upbringing affected their world view? Iangold believes that some are born leaders and others are born followers. He considers himself a leader and wishes to be respected as one. He also respects other leaders that he comes in contact with and treats them as equals and will allow them the upper hand if it benefits him, especially financially.

How did your character get started in their chosen class? Iangold only had his servant of his father to teach him how to use his father’s sword and grandfather’s shield but his mother always said that Iangold moved more gracefully with her husbands sword than he did.

Does your character have any heroes or inspirational figures? Iangold was put to bed with stories of his grandfather the Great Knight of the Compass. The Compass was

Does your character have any significant personal items? Iangold has his father’s sword that has been carried down through genterations. He also has a gold coin from his homeland that is sewn into his left pocket.

Has your character ever served in the military? Iangold spent his time learning how to grow potateos and the way’s of the weapon. He was part of the “Fearless” a group of people from his town that would scare of those who would try to steal from their crops.

Has your character ever been arrested? What for? Iangold has been self arested by taking himself to jail for being too drunk with ale.

How would you like your character meet the current adventuring party, and what do you want their first impression of you to be? Iangold had meet Cheondra in town and asked him multiple questions about his land and how he trained in the longsword. He meet Dorn and Braxus at the tavern and being a business man offered a seat at his table to the adventurers.

Has your character ever crossed anyone? He only crosses people who cross him. And anyone who is offended by racist comments.

Does your character have any enemies? Iangold has few enemies and doesn’t like to make new ones if he can avoid it.

What are your character’s goals in life? Iangold wishes to make a name for himself in this land and to travel home or have his father travel from home to his land.

How important is the accumulation of wealth? Unequivocally the most important thing in Iangold’s mind is his accumulation of wealth. He doesn’t mind spending his wealth on things that will be an investment or will increase in value. He will spend alot of money on Ale but he considers that an essence of life and a necessity.

If your character died tomorrow what would they be remembered for? Iangold would be respected for his high business sense, his love of beautiful dwarven women, and his “racist” jokes.

Is your character religious? Is your religion widely followed, or is it local/regional? Iangold follows his mother’s deity but it’s not the center of his life. Most human farmers in his area also follow his mother’s deity.

Is your character guided by a prophecy? If so, explain what your PC knows/thinks/feels about it. There was a prophecy of a Human starting a new Kingdom in a far off land but Iangold believes this to be fairy tales for children and doesn’t believe this would apply to him.

What is your character’s view on magic? Remember that divine/arcane/primal each have their own stigma in this world. How do you line up with that or differ? Iangold believes magic to be a non-necessity and for tricks for the kids. He has never been shown a good use of magic in the world. He believes that hard work is the only good work.

Where did your character learn or train their skills? Think about each of the powers/skills/feats you’ve chosen. What do these tell you about his training and his life story? Iangold was trained like the Knights of Nobility in his old land by his mother’s servant who was an excellent teacher and some day’s he would be doing a chore and then later he would learn that what he was doing and the way he doing it was actually helping to improve his skills. Even today his muscle memory will come back and he will say “that is why I was taught that way of doing this.”

Where did your character get his magic items? Remember that such items are rare in this world, and would instantly identify you as affluent, powerful, and/or blessed. Iangold received his Sword from his mother when he turned 10 and it’s powers are hidden deep with in the sword the more he uses it the more the sword becomes more bonded to him. His Sheild was also his grandfather’s and was cast with the finest metals of defense anyone has ever seen. His cloak was stitched by his dwarven lass and then taken to the local cleric to place a plessing of protection.

Two days journey from Mithrendain, beneath a thick canopy of leaves in the Forest of Astranz, there is a school, where, for countless human centuries, Eladrin have lived and trained, under Meloras watchful eye.

Aeofel Elhromanë lived in this school for his entire life, devoting each of his 142 years to the service of Melora. He trained beside monks and clerics, and though he never saw battle firsthand, many of his instructors were veterans of the war with the Drow. He never knew his parents, but his fellow students were his House.

Eight nights ago, during the Court of Stars, the school was attacked by Goblin and Kobold raiders, lead by a human warlord. The schools alarm, which had been silent for a generation, shook Aeofel and his brothers from their daily trance, and they ran from their quarters, ready for battle.

Aeofel dashed across the training grounds, ready to push the invaders back, but all he found was a trail of bodies attacker and defender alike from the schools entrance to its shrine. Near the gate, a few warlords skirmished with kobolds, and wild magic crackled in the field beyond, but the attackers had fled the grounds.

His master, the great Avenger Immafen, stood beside the shrines entrance. His sword was slick with Goblins blood, and he breathed heavily.

“Master,” Aeofel said, “what has happened? Why were we attacked?”

There was no war. There was no reason. The schools wealth lay in the knowledge it gave its students, and its power was in their training. Why would anyone attack? What could they possibly gain?

“They have taken the Crest,” Immafen said.

Aeofel gasped. The Crest of Melora was a powerful artifact.

Hours later, when the few remaining Kobolds and Goblins had been captured or killed, the surviving students and teachers gathered in the schools arbor, where Lady Caelynna, an ancient Sword Marshall who was the schools headmaster, spoke.

“We know that this attack was well-planned, and our captives prove it did not originate in the Feywild,” she said, her milky violet eyes shining with righteous fury.

A murmur of concern passed among the students. Entrance to the Feywild from other planes wasnt impossible, but it was infrequent. Whoever lead the invasion was powerful, indeed.

“We do not know who took the Crest or why,” she said, "but should it fall to disciples of Ocrus, it could provide a disastrous bridge from the Shadowfell – or worse.

“All schools guard and hold a different artifact of great power within their walls. We were charged with protecting the Crest of Melora,” she said, her musical voice darkening, "and our failure has placed all Eladrin at risk.

“Many of you have never left this place, but you are our most powerful warriors. The fate of the Crest, and perhaps the fate of us all, is in your hands. You will gather with your masters, and follow their instructions.”

The arbor remained silent long after she left. Gradually, the gathered students broke and found their masters.

Immafen put his hand on Aeofels shoulder. “You will travel to the mortal world, at a crossing in the Winterbole Forest.”

“The mortal world is vast, Master. How will I know where to look?” Aeofel said.

His voice was kind and reassuring. “You are Eladrin, child. When the crest is near, it will call to you.”

Aeofel self-consciously gripped the hilt of his longsword. “What if I do not hear it, Master?”

“You will,” he said. “At the crossing, you must open yourself to Meloras grace, and allow her to guide you. She will tell you where your quest begins.”

He took Aeofels hand, and gave him a small implement fashioned from dark Sennalwood into the shape of a shell. “Take this, and carry your House with you as you travel, my student.”

Aeofel closed his hand over it. “By Meloras Grace,” he said.

Immafen gazed, unblinking, upon him, for a long while. “By Meloras Grace.”

In the Winterbole Forest, far away from any path, there is a clearing among the oldest trees. At the center of this clearing can be found a trio of stones, just taller than a halfling. To those who are unknowing, they are little more than an anomalous monument, perhaps left by forgotten ancients, or deliberately built by mischievous children to confuse those who happen upon them. To those who would use them, though, they mark a fey crossing, one of many points where the boundary between the fey and mortal worlds is thin and passable to those who know the way.

Aeofel Elhromanë appeared in their center, in a crackling flash of azure light. He clutched his chest as a cry escaped his lips. He had never been to the mortal world, and feeling his House, his people, his entire land ripped away from him was a pain almost too great to bear.

“If I do not retrieve the Crest,” he reminded himself, “I will feel nothing but that pain for the rest of my days.”

He reached into his robes. On a strap around his neck, he wore the implement Immafen had given him. He held it now, and spoke softly.

“Meloratoh Ancien Ethlochmir. Fea galena sindath.”

Where there had been silence before, he heard the thundering of a river, and knew that it he would find it, several leagues away, through thick forest that would be unpassable, even to Sylvans. A gust of wind blew into his face, swirling leaves into his long hair, and around his face. A voice heard only by him whispered, “Fallcrest.”

With his free hand, he touched one of the stones. He could see the feywild within, the way a footprint remains on the beach, after the sea has washed over it.

“I will not fail,” he said. “I will return the Crest, and I will punish those who stole it from us.”

He walked into the forest, and began his journey.

Level 3

STR 14 – Slightly above average. He has spent his life training with other warriors, be they clerics, monks, or warlocks, and while a fighter would be buffed up, Aeofel uses different powers to vanquish his enemies.
CON 12 – Aeofel has never traveled beyond the Feywild, so I decided that being in The Mortal World made him a little woozy, giving him basic, average constitution. While purists will probably argue with me that this should only be a temporary condition, I thought it was more interesting than, it was the closest I could get to a dump stat.
DEX 14 – Average for an Eladrin. He hasn’t put a lot of effort into gymnastics.
INT 14 – Also average for an Eladrin. I honestly should have increased this stat by one point, and if I was creating him again, I’d take it from STR, mostly because the Avenger’s might comes not from his physical strength, but from his intelligence and wisdom.
WIS 16 – Wisdom is an Avenger’s prime, so I wanted to make sure my +3 went here. From a storytelling perspective, though, this reflects Aeofel’s lifetime of study at the feet of masters who have seen the mortal world and lived through the war with the Drow. While humans need to get out into the world to truly become wise, I decided that Eladrin are fundamentally more enlightened, and can therefore acquire wisdom in ways that humans can’t, like studying and listening to their elders. (This clearly means that there is no such thing as an Eladrin teenager, obviously.)
CHA 12 – Not only has he lived in a school for his whole life, he’s rarely interacted with non-Fey creatures. He desperately misses his House (which is what Eladrin call their family), and he carries the burden of his quest with him. Put all that together, and you get someone who isn’t the most charming or diplomatic person in the world.

Iangold Wolfswift

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