As the latest Ark of men come to Paresh, so too did an unexpected sojourner. Aboard the mighty vessel that came from lands unknown across the ocean, filled will the children and grandchildren of those who left the lands aboard the vessel, there was a single, large egg. That egg was the talk of many on the ark and was so remarkably large that it survived the voyage without being eaten as a healthy and nutritious omelet simply because nobody could fathom what would lay an egg that size.

When the Ark made landfall, the egg was absconded with and changed hands several times, it was drawn upon and sold as a sculpture, was cleaned and gems and gold piping applied to make it an object de ’art. But eventually it was donated to a monk from the Rising Winds monastery, located high in the peaks of the Northern Hammer Belt mountains.

The monks believed it would produce a bird of legendary size, and to the monks of the Rising Winds, birds are brethren that have transcended their need to walk the land, and have risen with the blessed winds to the sky (Which is what they hope to achieve some day), so they began to hatch it, using repeatedly changed hot towels.

One early morning as brother Theodonis was beginning to nod off on his watch of the sacred egg, it began to crack and splinter and come apart, he rushed off to gather the other monks, and they gathered around to welcome their new patron animal into the world. They were shocked and startled to see the scaly green creature that crawled out and blinked it’s large yellow eyes at them and smile (which at the time they believed it was growling or hissing).

With a resounding “kill it! kill it with fire!” they chased the creature around the room in a panic, when they had finally cornered it, it seemed it’s life might be ended, so it let out a roar that pushed the dwarves back, and singed many a beard with an awesome forked bolt of Lightning! The dwarves were agape, the beast had conjured a sacred element of the storm in their midst, truly he was chosen by the winds themselves and their ever changing ways!

They began to care for the Dragonling and it was treated like a long lost son of the order, soon giving it the name of the founder of the order, a dwarf by the name of “Braxus, breaker of wind”, but instead they named him simply “Braxus” as he has yet to earn his title after his time following the wind.

Time passed, as it must, and came the day Braxus must “follow the wind” until it leads him to his destiny, with heavy hearts the aged monks hugged and patted their young disciple on the head and sent him down the winding mountain steps to the world below, and his adventures he would find there…


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