Legends of Peresh

The Voice in the Cave

Hearing a voice from a scroll starts a new search.

Words spin and swirl and coalesce in to a dark blue toothy mouth. As begins to speak, it’s as if all other sounds have been muffled out, even those of your comrades-in-arms. All you hear is the booming voice contained in the scroll. Its magic renders you unable – or unwilling- to speak until the message is complete. In Common, the voice booms in to your minds:

“Brave souls… if you have received this simple message you are wiser, or at least mightier, than those you have no doubt vanquished to reach it. The slimy sniveling whelps you have defeated are abhorrent representatives of their kind. For their insufficiencies I must apologize, for the sake of all those who share and claim the iejir darastrix.

(As these strange words are spoken, something stirs in Braxus’ gut – he cannot identify the feeling, nor the language)

Alas, my kin, or lack thereof, is why I speak to you now in such a crude manner. It seems these malai keefum, troglodytes, as you would crudely call them, believe an untruth, a lie, a misleading they were allowed to believe by the ingoeth, those drow you must surely be tracking. There has been a grave misrepresentation of my role in these matters. You see, these malai believe me to be their patron, a wise father-god who advises the ingoeth on the best use of the whelps to reach my goals. But these machinations and schemes of the ingoeth, the drow, are not my doing. I know not whose bidding they act upon. Perhaps it is the she-god, the whisperer and spinner and weaver of lies. The she-god is cunning but her name has not been spoken.

(Cheondra notices the apparent mention of Lolth, dark goddess of shadow, lies, and spiders – enemy of his god Corellon and his people, the eladrin)

Be it a she-god or some other force guiding them, it is an affront that the brutal and simple ways of these ingoeth should be attributed to Deve! They have been a mere nuisance until now. Now, these drow, and especially their malai whelps have grown not to be a threat, for none could truly threaten the darastrix – but they have become a distraction I would very much like to have lesser beings take care of. This is where you come in. I know not who you are, truly, even why you are here, but it seems the defeat of these troglodytes has brought us in to an alignment of sorts, for a time. I would much like to visit with you at my estate. You will be richly rewarded for heeding this call. I cannot say what may befall if my generous invitation were to be ignored or refused.

Heed the call of Deve, and relieve this domain of the nuisance – ingoeth. The captives should have all you need to locate my estate, if you are truly the souls I expect. Heed the call of Deve, brave ones. I leave you to finish your paltry task with the captives, and then, your presence I request.”


mbblaede Auz

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