Legends of Peresh

Rock or Lobster

Now we're getting somewhere?

The halfling looked up in fear to a spider-guts wearing half-orc. Iangold wondered what he was thinking in that tiny little head of his. Braxus stood waiting as if he had already said what he wanted to say. Cheandra looked for any cuts and bruises that may need healing.

“Do you feel like telling us what we want to know, or do you want to be like this spider,” Dorn wipes off some spider-guts from his hands. The halfling looked behind him to only see the shell of his giant spider. “I’ll tell you what you want to know, as much as I can!” the halfling said. “Gault, is my name and I’m just a forest hermit.” After an hour or so of talking and trying to get the reason for him selling spider poisons and spiders to the local drow the learn that he really is just a business man and not part of any mischievous plot. Still Dorn wanted to kill him. He tells the adventurers of a mine far from the town they had visited and helped them find it on their map that they had originally had gotten from the drow prisoner.

They spent their time through the forest taking short cuts when they could to get to this mine. Finally when they got there it was far off when Cheondra notice that the mountain looked like it was moving. Not moving from the ground just the rocks on the mountain where moving. When they got to the entrance of the cave they found out that there was moving rock-lobsters. They moved like ants on an ant hill on this mountain and where covering and inside this cave. Iangold tried to use fire to get them to move but they were to busy to notice the fire unless it was actually burning through their thick exo-skeleton.

Dorn just started walking into the cave like what are a whole bunch of rock-lobsters going to do to me. Iangold said “wait up,” and Braxus and Cheondra followed. The creatures where to busy to notice them traveling through the cave until they came to a door where two rock-lobsters where sitting like guards. Obviously they couldn’t make doors so these had been trained as guard dogs for anyone brave enough to travel through. Iangold was quickly subdued from the venom of these creatures that slowed him to a stand still. This was fine because Braxus and Dorn moved about the cave as if it was filled with ice. Dorn stayed on the closest one and kept hacking at it with his axe and let the others come to hime. Braxus kept hitting one and then seeing another one attack him he would run and attack that one. Cheondra just stayed in that back and had his spirit companion do the fighting for him. After killing the larger of the creatures they where left to go through the door ahead.

A cavern with an underground lake was behind the door with none of the rock-lobsters in this room. A trogladite by the underground pool didn’t notice them enter the room. It was trying, with a long spear, to spear a fish in the water. There was no other trogladites in sight. Iangold just stood still to see what the others would do. Both Braxus and Dorn stealthely got behind him. That’s when Braxus demanded his service to him. He called two of his friends from across the pool and they started in sprint to the other side. That’s when Dorn struck him with an axe, maiming him for Braxus to finish off and started for the ones across the pool that were heading his way. Cheondra summoned his spirit right above the trogladite and started attacking it right in the water. Braxus did finish of the trogladite who didn’t swear his undying allegiance to him. The onther trogladites never made it to the other side of the pool thanks to Dorn.

In the chamber there where two cages of dwarves from the town that where being kept there. One had male dwarves and the other had female dwarves. Iangold gave them some trail rations but they were to weak to talk. They looked around the cavern and found nothing but then Braxus found a box in the water that contained a scroll. They tried for hours to find a way to open it but it seamed magically sealed from what Cheondra could see from the device that held the scroll.

They decided to wait there until the dwarves had enough strength to leave. But they were all awakened in the night by a mysterious voice.


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