Legends of Peresh

Of Swamp and Men

Adventure begins in the swamp and ends in a Keep.

Cheondra was the first one up that fall morning and stepped out of the tent to start looking for any more clues the gravesite. Braxus got up and looked around the perimeter for any clues and then looked in the grave site and found nothing but he did notice that these were human remains which was odd to find in this area. Cheondra did notice on the bones a dark magic that was used to animate them the night before. The decide to head back to the camp.

Iangold was busy cooking patatoes and woke up dorn with a kick on the boots saying “taters ready.” Dorn got up and smelled the fresh air and listened to what Cheondra and Braxus had found in the graveyard. “Nothing” Braxus said “we didn’t find anything useful that would give us a clue for why these humans were here or what a necromancer was doing in there.” “Maybe to perform some dark ritual, and I’m glad we stopped him.” said Cheondra but kept to himself the real feeling of dread that he had felt from the necromancers magic that had been left on the bones in the graveyard. “So this ritual didn’t involve any gold. Not a very good ritual” said Iangold as he bit into another potato.

After breakfast the adventurers left for the road outside the forest they stayed in for the night. The road split two ways they could go east adn to the mountain range or south toward the ocean air that Dorn and Iangold smelled. They came to a logical conclusion to go to the ocean where there is probably a port town. As they traveled down the road it got more and more difficult to locate the path because it was a wetland that they had wandered into. Cheondra was determining what was the best way by fey stepping to the top of the trees and loooking ahead. Dorn just followed through the swamp and ended up cutting himself on a rock but quickly bandaged it up himself because he knew Cheondra would take the appropriate amount of time to tend to the wound. Iangold found the highest ground and started chopping a path through to get ahead of the group. Braxus was hopping from rock to rock like only a trained monk could do.
While they were traveling they encountered a group of snakes in the swamp that were no baby seals. Dorn made quick work of chopping them into swamp and snake stew, four to be exact. Then he turned to everyone who was stopped in their tracks and said “I’m tired of these mf snakes on this mf swamp.” When that happened a beautiful maiden appeared in the middle of the swamp but then she reached down and pulled out of her skin some daggers and started throwing them at Dorn. Then whatever magic that was holding this form became undone when the flesh melted away and an old hag remained. Iangold and Cheondra try to get close to the hag to fight but everytime they got closer it seemed like the moisture from their bodies was being sucked out of them. Braxus was able to get close enough to give the hag a twin thunder strike. “Here comes the thunder.” Braxus said this and at that point a lightning struck in the distance and the thunder of Braxus’s punches which knocked the wind out of her and she fell into the swamp to drown.

The adventurer’s continued until they came to a small keep that didn’t seem to be guarded until and arrow flew from one of the windows and hit Braxus right in the scale. He pulled out the scale and the arrow together and tossed it to the side and leaped to the top of the building and started taking out the occupance. Iangold and Dorn followed suit but had to climb after the jump. At this time more arrows came from around the keep. Iangold lowered a rope to help Cheondra up so he could get a better look to cast his spirit companion to take out some of these armed guards. As soon as he summoned his spirit it came within two inches from the archer on the other side of the Keep and scared him so much that he fell out of the tower while it swiped at him, later they would find out that he had fallen and had the wind knocked out of him but was fine. The adventurers were trying not to kill anyone because they wanted to question them and maybe even ask for help. When they had battled their way into the inner part of the keep a man dressed in expensive armor was standing in the courtyard viewing what had happened. Iangold started to charge him but the the man spoke. “I am Baron Rachaed Arroway, we thought you were sent by the Ingoweth but it is clear that you are much greater warriors than they could ever hope to be.” Iangold nodded and said “We seek the stop the Ingoweth as well, help us in our quest.” “That I will,” said the Baron Arroway, “but first a spot of ale, come we have much to discuss.”


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