Legends of Peresh

Gold for Iangold?

The party looks for another way out.

All he wants is a little gold.

“It’s locked” Cheondra said pointing to the six locks that were currently sealing the door shut. Dorn quickly shot a bolt from hairtrigger at the locks on the door. The bolt bounced off the locks revealing a blue magical shield protecting all of the locks. Cheondra turned to Dorn and continued what he was saying “and it’s magically sealed.” That’s when Braxus took out his lock picting finger nail and started with the magical locks and Dorn started helping him by simultaneously using Braxus’s finger to pick the next lock. Iangold and Cheondra looked for another way to open the door but were not able to find any other mechanisms.

Braxus and Dorn had almost gotten all six of the locks unlocked when they all clicked back into place and the magic that was holding the lock recharged and got stronger. Cheondra then noticed that one of the locks was no longer encased in magic and pointed it out to Dorn. Half-orcs have only so much patience and their philosophy is that smashing is always a better solution that patients. Dorn pulverised the lock hoping to find a quicker way through this door but it only created a magical rift that came back to shock Braxus who still had his lock picking finger in one of the locks. Iangold was also finished with waiting and bull rushed the door and ended up cracking it down the hinged side. Dorn joined in second with a straight bull rush toward the door and knocked the door down causing the piece of the door that held the locks to fly into Braxus’s hands still glowing with the magiks that had been cast on it. Dorn went with the door like a sled down the staircase that was on the other side of the door. Iangold quickly threw down the dark stair case a sungod that allowed them to see that Dorn was alright and Dorn could see into the cavern. Braxus ran down with the piece of door in his hands and fixed a rope around it so that Dorn could wear it like a necklace. “A momento of your greatest victory, over DOOR” Braxus said and placed it around Dorns neck.

At that point Iangold and Cheondra had ented that large cavern with 16 foot high ceilings with natural four pillars holding it up. Then a giant arrow came out of the darkness and hit Dorn in his new necklace that immediately repelled such an intrusion. Dorn looked at Braxus as if to say “I like it!” Then braxus picked up the sunrod and threw it into the middle of the room revealing a drow and the four goliaths that had previously been behind them in the cavern. “I guess we forgot to tell you about the secret passage way!” The leader said. Then he turned to the drow woman and said “The speaker sends his regards and his tribute,” and then threw a large bag of gold at her feet. Iangold’s eyes widened with the amount of gold that was there. Then the drow sorceress opened a scroll above a glowing orb that was placed on a pedistal in the middle of the room. The scroll hovered over the orb and the drow started to levitate in the air and looked at the bag of gold and said to the goliaths "your payment has gone up by the death of these ‘friends of the Deve’ " That is when they all thought how did this drow know of their pact with the Deve that was done in secret or so they thought.

“The sunspeaker will hear of your treachery with the this ingoweth.” Cheondra shouted and the goliath replied “Who said that we would let you leave this place eladrin.” Another arrow flew at Dorn who deflected it with his fashioned necklace, he was begining to like it. But Dorn still didn’t like being shot at so he ran to the closest ones and yelled “So this is where you choose to die!” Braxus, Iangold, and Dorn all attacked the closest goliath and he was down after Dorns first strike in his twin strike, so Dorn used the rest of his energy to make it around the cave to kill the drow who had looked at him funny with his necklace on. Another goliath joined in with the Braxus and Iangold party but Braxus had other plans and left Iangold to find out the mysteries of this scroll that was causing shock waives and slowly drawing anything near it like the sunrod and gold pieces from the bag of gold. Which Iangold was all for Braxus saving the gold.

The levatating drow didn’t say anything but saw the opportunity to attack the only eladrin in the party and took it as a gift from her she god Lolth. The first attack was brutal and almost bloodied Cheondra if he didn’t make it to cover this was going to be a quick fight for him. Iangold noticing this went to place himself between the drow and eladrin. But this levatating drow didn’t care for a human her eyes were only for this eladrin that had entered her domain. Another shot at Cheondra got him as he rolled to safetey he was able to cast healing spirit on himself and knew that he had to stay out of sight so as not to use his only other healing spirit he had energy for.

Braxus was busy using all his mustard, if dragonborns have such a condiment, to remove the scroll from this orb but it would take more than strength to remove this scroll he needed Cheondras help more than with removing the magics holding the scroll, he was taking a beating from the orb’s shock waves it would send out and than pull anything closer to it. Dorn stayed in the shadows with hairtrigger ready unleash a fury of bolts at this drow and that is exactly what he did when he had the chance. The drow fired back making him imobalized but he didn’t need to move for his next attack that was going to take this drow down. Iangold was busy with two goliaths and new of the third that was hiding at the moment with a bow somewhere behind a pillar. But these goliaths were certainly not trained by any warrior better than his trainer and easily was able to deflect their blows with his foot work and grandfathers shield. Iangold quickly took the two down and went after the gold that was quickly disappearing into this magical orb. Dorn finished the drow and she came down from her levatation but the orb still working its magic so he went after the final goliath hiding in the shadows. Cheondra came out of hiding and healed Braxus with his final healing spirit and moved in to help remove this magic when the orb sucked in the sunrod and sroll from Braxuses fingers and he fell to the ground with a thump. Dorn finished that last goliath with a twin strike to the face. Braxus and Cheondra checked out the orb and drow while Dorn caught his breath from being in his rage. Iangold started counting the gold in the bag to see if it was evenly dividable between four people and if it wasn’t he would take a few gold pieces to make sure it was dividable, his fee for helping with this tedious task.

Alas, Iangold thought as the gold was equally dividable, 380gp each. He handed 380 gp to Dorn who took a seat on the side of one of the pillars in the room to calm himself after going into such a rage, finally being able to take down one of the ingoweth, drow. Iangold then handed Cheondra his 380 gp. Cheondra didn’t look up to accept the gold but was intently studying the magical orb in the middle of the room that had a light glow and was still drawing in dust from the floor. Braxus used his bracers that were still glowing to check out the walls to find any other way out of this dead end. As Iangold hands Braxus his 380 coins, Braxus tells him that a boulder in the corner is hollow and needs investigation.

Iangold, pocketing his 380 pieces, went dirrectly to the boulder and “investigated” the only way he knew how. He tried to move it to see what would happen. He almost had gotten it to move when a chunk of the rock fell to the ground and left an opening into the boulder. Braxus was getting further away so he lit a torch to see what was inside. It was clear this was a hiding place for the drow sorceress who had some clothing which he stored a pair in his backpack that would only fit Cheondra. A simple metal headband that would later be detected to be a Circlet of Authority that improves the wearers diplomatic and intimidation skills. Iangold look further and found a bag of…GOLD. “Nothing here” he yelled to Braxus who easily knew by the crack in Iangolds voice that he had found gold. “How much gold did you find?” he asked as if he had said ‘I found gold’. Iangold weighed it in his hand, “about 54 gold pieces each.” When Braxus recieved his cut, he focused on a crack in the wall that was the only thing he could find odd about these walls. He started with a fury of blows against the wall to weaken it and then used his dragonborn lightning breath to excavate the entrance to a tunnel.

Cheondra was busy studying the orb when all of this was going on and Dorn was watching from his seat by the pillar. Cheondra called upon the spirits to guide him into learning more about this orb. All he could get from what he could see was that the scrolls words were swirling inside the orb and this orb was bigger than most orbs but could still be put in a backpack if he could stop its magical energies from pulling everything into it. Everyone was their to assist him but his eyes were closed and then from the spirits he communicated with he said “pick it up Dorn.” Dorn picked up his axe and stood up when he noticed the orb fall to the ground as if it were a feather and when it landed on the ground it stopped pulsing and drawing things closer to it. Dorn used a leather cloth to scoop it up and put it in his backpack. Cheondra explained that this was a magical orb that was not meant to be the gravity orb it was made into. He also said that if they found a mage it would be possible to decode the message inside to reveal what the scroll had said.

Braxus was satisfied with what they had found in the room and lead the way into the tunnel that had been opened by him, Dorn followed, then Iangold, and Cheondra. It took about two hour of spelunking to reach the end of this cavern. Dorn let everyone know that he noticed the steps of the drow woman on the floor and that they were on the right track. Finally they ended at a fissure in the rock that led to the outside. Braxus used his coin tied to a silk string and threw it out into the open. Iangold noticed it and said “I’ll go first!” He walked out and looked up and realized he was in a grave. Then looked down and said to everyone “I thought I saw a gold piece on the floor around here”, but then climbed out of the grave and helped up Dorn and Cheondra. Braxus jumped out of the grave like a bat out of hell. They all looked around at the grave site they had walked into.

Then a black haired man in a blue robe started walking backwards out of a crypt in the graveyard. What luck Iangold thought, a wizard to help us with our orb puzzle. This must be some kind of wizard they all thought when they noticed hovering beating heart in his right hand with blood dripping on his hand as it beated. In his left hand was a book that was flipping pages magically as if some invisible creature was reading really fast. Then a ghoul came out of the crypt with a missing hole where it’s heart would have been. Then without noticing the adventurers the book’s pages started moving backwards and that’s when the skeletons started rising from their graves. Then the ghoul turned to look directly at Dorn, who was standing by Iangold, and with his long black tounge started to walk twards him. Dorn then pointed at Iangold as if to say ‘He tastes alot better.’ Then the skeletons started their attack!


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