Legends of Peresh

Follow the Leads

The party follows the information they are given.


The party follows a relaxed Jordaine, who was hired by Cranos to lead them to the city, he traveled with two crimson guards and two of his merchants that had a pony and a cart to carry everyones things up to a point were the forest got thick. Jordaine said it would only be a two day trip to the city and had other things to attend to and left the party to find their own way. The party took their time manly because Iangold had to stop and clear his armor of the underbrush that would get caught in between it. Braxus being an adjile monk would just move with the wind between the underbrush and was excellent at climbing and jumping from limb to limb. Cheondra would just see a point in the distance and Fey Step their and just wait for Iangold to get through just to say “What took you so long?” Dorn living in the forest most of his life was not slowed by the underbrush.

When they got to the city they found it empty as a ghost town but still aproached with caution. They were met with four dark elf’s that were not welcoming. Braxus and Dorn climbing on a roof were able to stop the efforts of a sniper while Iangold and Cheondra played the bait in the main courtyard of the town. Cheondra summoned his spirit companion right next to one of the dark elfs and ended up scaring him so much that after Iangold got a second swing on the dark elf he or she ran to the hills. Another stayed to face the steel clad bush but Iangold quickly made fast work of the dark elf. After Dorn had taken care of the sniper, Braxus jumped of the roof as only Braxus could and stoped one Dark Elf for questioning.

When the Dark Elf was tied up to a chair in an empty kitchen Dorn woke her up. She immediately started biting her cheek and that’s when Braxus jumped in to remove the ball of poison in her mouth to silence her for good. She must have notice that she had been thoroughly searched because when she looked for her weapons they were gone. That’s when Dorn stepped up and did what he does best and scared the color out of her dark skin. She was willing to give up just enough information as long as there was still hope that she could get free and use her weapons just a few feet away to kill these adventurer’s. She gave away a spot she believed she was sent, to find a “small one.” Also another spot on the map after Iangold was fed up with her not answering a hundred questions. Cheondra was the only one who could speak Elven and translated everything to make sure she understood what they were saying and trying to be kind about it.

After it was sure that they would get no more information from her she was left with Braxus. Iangold, Dorn, and Cheondra went outside to argue. Iangold wanted to let her choose death by giving back her weapons and seeing if she would choose to fight or leave, one had already gotten away so another would not arouse anymor suspicions. Dorn wanted her dead because obviously she had meant to kill them and was not fight for any good he had seen. While they were arguing Braxus walked by and said in a low voice “She killed herself.” Dorn and Iangold turned an said “What?” Braxus said “the wind flew through my fingers and the poison ball fell in her mouth and she bit down on it really hard!” Dorn was happy with this because she was dead and Iangold was pleased with the poetic justice of it.

They stayed one night in the town and only found only a cart outside the town gate that was loaded with mining and blacksmith equipment. The party then started their journey to the first mark on the map. When they got to that part of the forest it seemed that this was the thickest part of the woods. A voice came from the underbrush “who goes their?”

The party heard from the dark elf, they had captured, that there was a “small one” who knew some thing about spiders in which they wanted “more of,” this is what the note said. The party tried to be friendly, but being a motley crew it’s really hard to get on the good side of strangers. So, the halfling called on his spider friends to try and stop them. Dorn quickly made his blades useful against the halfling, slowing his escape. Braxus was already trying to sneak around the underbrush when he was met by a swarm of spiders. Iangold also charged in to stop the halfling but stoped when he was met with a spider web and made a swipe that mised the halfling. Cheondra stayed back and used his spirit to block the swarm of spiders and to attack them as much as it could. He also spent his time moving around to help his comrades. He did take a double take and laugh at Iangold when he went around the spider webs and then screem like a little girl when the spider swarm tried to get into his armor. Emphasist on tried they didn’t even get close to his skin. There was also a Large Spider that Dron quickly took his axe to but it ended up spraying Dorn and Braxus with spider guts and when that happened the swarm of spiders ran away. That’s when Dorn turned to Iangold and said “It’s time to wake up the Halfling!”


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