Legends of Peresh

Dragon or Dream

The party meets their first real dragon

The trek continued through the forest, without any thing vile bothering the party until…

They came across some ancient ruins that were covered in vines. Well there was just two columns in the middle of the forest of Deve. Both columns had ancient writings that none of the party were able to decipher. Cheondra was able to remember from his history classes that these where obelisks.

While they were taking a rest here they heard something in the bushes. Cheondra called out “Hello there” but there was no answer. There was something there but it wasn’t introducing itself so Braxus tried to get a better view by jumping and climbing on top of the pillars but he wasn’t able to see anything. Dorn sniffed the air but turned to Iangold with a confused look on his face. Iangold charged into the bushes to scare whatever it was out but it turned out to be Drakes that were not scared of Iangold. Two of them jumped and attacked Iangold and One jumped out in front of Dorn. Cheondra thought “Big mistake reptile” as Dorn was quickly to lay his axes on the creature. Braxus seeing the creature below jumped down and had a pile of drake meat for the barbecue that night. Cheondra somoned his spirit companion in the corner wear a lone drake hadn’t joined the party yet. Iangold was quick to take out the two infront of him with help from Braxus and Dorn. When those were done it was Iangold focused his attention to the finald drake.

When Iangold charged the final drake a beautiful white haired elf woman came out of the forest. Iangold missed the drake because he was two busy looking at the eye candy that was before him (later he would have to tell them not to mention this to his sweet heart Mortha Earthfriend back home). The drake didn’t attack and healed to this new woman who asked “What are you doing?” For that moment all the fighting stopped and it was Dorn who broke the silence, “Are we making new friends or are we continuing this onslaught?” The woman replied “Maybe.” Which confused Dorn and Iangold. Braxus and Cheondra then spoke to ask if she sent these creatures after them. She replied “they’re not my creatures.” Braxus retorted “They seem to yeild to you.” She stated to the party “many things yeild to me in this place.” That was Braxuses cue to ask about Deve and Devastrix. She was silent for a moment and then asked the party to follow her and the Drake retreated into the forest from whence it came.

They were taken to a clear pool where two other women were standing. One on the other side of the pool with golden hair and clearly eladrin. One to the left of her who was a gnome. The elf took her side next to the eladrin woman and wispered something into her ear. The Eladrin woman spoke “You have met my sister willow. I am Lucaste and this is my sister Plum.” Iangold notices imediatley that they are of different races so how can they possibly be sisters but he doesn’t say anything. Dorn starts in with the smooth talking and wants to take at least one of them on his good side. Cheondra is very interested in this new Eladrin that he has never met. Braxus only cares about knowing more about this Deve and is hoping that these “sisters” have the answers he is looking for. Finally the Lucaste spoke again “You have the scroll?” Braxus retorts “Yes, do you know Deve?” She replies “is that what you seek?” Braxus replies “Obviously.” They wisper amongst each other. The all look at Iangold and the eladrin says “And what is it you seek?” Iangold taking it at face value said “A ship ton of gold!” Plum response “An honest answer” as if to say Braxus had given an unhonest answer. Then they asked Dorn who said standing proud “To create a reputation.” Cheondra replied “To discover new ways to heal.” When the question came back to Braxus he finally answered honestly; “To find more information about dragonborns.” The wispered again amongst themselves. “If you wish to meet Deve, cast the scroll into the pool.” Braxus takes the scroll out of his bag and throws it into the pool without question. The scroll opens mid flight and falls into the pool the ink dissolved and then the paper disloved. Then Lucaste said “Very interesting. You will meet Deve by the pillars” That’s when turned and started to walk into the forest. Iangold was confused and said “What do you seek?” and she replied as she disappeared into the forest “I seek the will of my sisters.”

The party walked back to the pillars hoping to meet Deve but there was no one there so they made a fire an cooked some drake before heading off to bed. Just before they were ready to lie down on their bed roll the vines on the obelisks started growing and started squeezing the columns until they crumbled to the grown. A blue light filled the area and when it receided they were all in a stone room with a blue geode on the other end of the room with piles of gold in it. Then the adventurers noticed a blue dragon in the geode that started to move twards them. He talked slow and with an air of importance. “So it seems you are the ones who have answered my scroll. I was expecting more but you have shown you are capable of being of service to me.” He looks at them and starts with a dire tone, “This is my domain and it disturbs me that these ingoweth, or drow as the common say, they keep their trogladite slaves to mine these mind controlling rocks. But as of late they have been speeding up their efforts and enslaving others that do not wish to serve” he looks at Cheondra and changes his next words that he was going to say. “THAT she creature, I do not approve of their dark rituals in my territory. I would take care of this myself if it wasn’t so far underneath me. Of course I would pay you for your efforts. So will you form a Pact of Service with me?” The party talked quickly to each other not to be rude to the Deve and agreed to help him with this task. When the Deve got their approval he said “There is much more I wan’t to talk to you about young dragonborn.” Braxus told him about the book he had been shown by Lenny the Fat. “I would be interested in such a book. When you are finished with this quest I would hope you could return this book to me.” At this point he said “But that will have to wait until you complete your mission.” Then he took a deep breath and breathed a blue lightning breath on all of them.

It was like a shock that put them to sleep and they woke up in their bed rolls with the sun just rising above the tree tops. For some reason they felt extra refreshed from their sleep then they usually do. Then as they were getting ready to start their morning routine they hear in the forest to the east. “Aaaahhhhhaaaaaa!!!!” Cheondra was standing in his trance when it attacked him from the forest!


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